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A friend shared a dream with me about three months ago. We have been praying and sowing seeds for that dream every day since he shared it. We have seen the abundance of that dream break forth from the Subjective Mind of God into form and manifestation in miraculous ways, already. Even now, his life has changed in so many wonderful ways that he is amazed at his new life. However, in the beginning of manifesting, I shared with him an important principle that the Master Jesus taught. Do not throw your pearls before the swine. I explained that the meaning of Jesus’s words meant that he was to keep his dream from anyone who might throw negativity into the dream and lead him off of the course of faith.

He forgot my advice and got excited about his dream. He shared with a good friend what had been transpiring in his life. That good friend, though she had the propensity to be negative at times, took his dream and spit it out in his face with more negativity that he had ever imagined. By the time my friend came to me for advice and prayer, he was in a bad way, sulking and even feeling sick to his stomach.

He told me that he had fought for his dream, believed in it, even in the face of her negativity for a while, but felt as if, her relentless words broke him, or at the very least, exhausted him. By the time he had finished the conversation with her, all he could do was sleep. He lost faith from a friend’s bad energy, who didn’t understand his sweet and pure dreams of the future. She was someone who was more interested in sharing her own disbelief than nurturing his cherished dream. Most of us have found this to happen in our lives at some point, starting all the way back from our parents when we were children. “Don’t dream! Work hard, instead! Dreaming is a waste of time.”

Of course, we know that dreaming and believing is a large part of the practice of spiritual manifestation. We also know that working hard and being led to our destiny is great part of success. Balance between the two is purposeful and delicate in creating a prosperous and peaceful future.

So, how do you suppose we dealt with the problem of negativity and yielding to its power?

First of all, negativity is an illusion. It’s power comes only from what you give it. If one is caught in negativity, it reduces that person’s will, health, and demeanor, because the person believes in it. Negativity has no power of its own, at all. You have the God-given power.

So, if you know that you are made of the power of God, which is marvelous and wonderful, then you have no need to believe in a power less than you. This would be ridiculous.

So, simply, begin your prayer of negation by saying what you know to be true about the world:

“God is the vastness of the oceans, the power in the magnitude of the stars, more abundant than the grains of sand on the beach. Spirit in me is larger than the universe. All of this power is within each of us to create good. No negativity could ever stop the power of good within me. I am good, because God is good. I am a reflection of the good of God. I am a child of God. I only believe in good.”

By fortifying his mind with truth, we disseminated the negativity within minutes. He went back to believing his truth. To make matters even better, we prayed for his friend and her wholeness. We see her negativity disappearing, as well.

In short, don’t throw your good before someone who will set out to destroy it. These people are not bad people. In fact, they will think, usually, that they are protecting you from the hurt that they once experienced from lost dreams.

But, you don’t have to believe in their lost dreams. You can see loss all around you, if you desire. But, our need is to fortify our minds with the good in the world and not look at the negativity as if it had a greater power than God, which created and manifested all.

This is a divine lesson and should be learned immediately. Keep your dreams safe, as you would a small plant just sprouting from the ground during a time of frost. You would cover that plant and keep it warm, so that when the frost was over, it would continue to grow. So, too, do this with your dreams.


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