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I have been following a dear friend’s Facebook page for years. For the past five years, he has written some of the sweetest words about his partner. Then, finally the day came when he wrote they were engaged. I was so thrilled for him, because, quite honestly, I didn’t think my friend was able to commit to someone completely.

Fast forward: a couple months later I see that he is pictured with someone else on Facebook. I remark to the posting to find out that this picture is of him and his new boyfriend. My heart sank.

Come on, friends. Please show me that love can last! Show me that my illusion of personal relationship is just that—an illusion. I have never met, may never meet anyone who can stay in a relationship and remain happy.

I was tempted to write a note to my friend and say, “Hey, is it possible to say that we keep meeting people who are a little better for our growth, a little closer to our hearts, and can challenge us a bit deeper—or are we just of a sophomoric behavior and think that personal relationship is about finding the best NEW person and not learning through the challenges of the love that chooses to withstand the test of time?

I wish I were inundated with stories that denied my belief of relationship. I wish that I could say that many people who have endured long-standing relationships were happy and content and thankful. But, alas, they usually have sacrificed much of their life for a meaningless document that taught them little about loving themselves, which is often a much harder lesson than caring for another.

Do I sound bitter? HMMM. I guess I am a little angry that true love hasn’t found me yet. How about you?

I have always dreamed of true love. My friends often have laughed at me when I start remarking about this special person in my life. I believe this is so because they know eventually it will not last. Are they bitter, too, or just pragmatic?

Lately, I have stopped looking for love. If it chooses to find me, it’s going to have to bite me in the ass and take a grand hold to get me to notice or care. Life is a lot more peaceful and simpler when I stay focused on what I can see clearly.


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