Relatives, Family, and #Thanksgiving

When my mother asked me if she could move in with me, eight years ago, I knew my life would change. How it would change was up to her and I. We had spent the majority of our lives separated, sometimes one thousand miles away. As far as the rest of my family, we have also spent years separated from each other. Now, however, in a time of Thanksgiving, this will be the first time my closest sisters, family members, and my mother will spend the holidays together. Planning the days are special to all of us, as we each are contributing to dinners and times together that will create an entirely new family dynamic.

I have to tell you how thankful I am for the opportunity, at this point in my life, to be near so much love and grace. Most people go through many different growing spurts with family members. Sometimes we leave family to understand ourselves better. Sometimes we separate because of unhealthy relationships. Other times, we come together again, only to find that old patterns never change. However, I want to invite you to a new paradigm during this holiday.

Yes, it takes two people to change a relationship. However, it takes only one to change his/her point of view about any relationship. When I realized that living with my mother could heal the relationship that probably had affected every intimate relationship in my life, I knew that I had to commit to healing the relationship with my mother. I had to become transparent with her and let her know my hurts and allow her to be a part of my personal healing process.

As I did so, my mother intuitively began to nurture my heart in ways I didn’t realize would help my healing. The two people who love me the most in my life are family members. Unconditional love supersedes anything I have ever felt before.

As a result of feeling this family love, I have titrated from caustics relationship (some of them are family, some are friends) and allowed new friendships to bud and bloom in a slow and beautiful way in my life. I sew the seeds; God grows the plant.

On this Thanksgiving holiday, choose a new way. Change your story and perspective about family members. See this time as an opportunity to heal, instead of recapitulate old stories and old beliefs. Know that you have within your mind and heart to create new relationships today and this coming week. I know this for you and for me now.

Happy Holiday!

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