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In review, Albert Einstein said: “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics!” Our discovery yesterday was to find something that we desire (a Dream) and discover a parallel thought to match the feeling you will have when that dream manifests. Our first step was: every time you think about your dream, make sure you bring that parallel feeling (or frequency, as Einstein says) to the thought.

So, now, you have a blueprint of what you desire in your mind. You have matched the frequency of that dream to your vision. Every time you pray or treat for that vision to come true, you bring to your prayer and your meditation a tangible, human feeling. Einstein’s physics would say that “in due time, the dream will begin to manifest.” What then? How do we move forward to help this dream?

When you plant a seed, you have expectation that it will grow, because all of your life you have seen plants manifest as a result of planting seeds. That expectation is “the frequency” of which Einstein speaks. You understand that, within the first few days of planting that seed, you are not going to see physical results, even though beneath the ground much is happening to the seed in the rich soil. The soil is your mind!

Your hopes are not dashed when you wake up and no flower is blooming in your garden. Why? You understand the physics of planting a seed. Some bulbs that you plant take an entire season or two to manifest a flower. One time I planted a seedling. With the instructions was a warning that this plant may take three years to flower. Indeed, every year I waited with expectation for my Black Queen Iris to flower. But, three years to the day—not one day earlier—not one year earlier, the flower bloomed in all its magnificence. The flower was certainly worth the wait.

But what if that flower hadn’t come with instructions? What if every year, the plant came to full fruition and no flower appeared? The first couple of years, I would have walked around in total disappointment. However, knowing the physics of that plant helped me stay hopeful in the waiting period. This same instruction comes with manifesting dreams. Some take longer than you would imagine to manifest. So, keeping the vibration strong in the waiting, actually, becomes the hardest part.

So, hope and understanding how a dream works is very much a part of the process of getting what you desire. If I had gotten discouraged after the second year, I may have pulled up the plant and started with a new one. But, my hope kept the dream of that beautiful, rare Iris alive.

So, you plant the seed, the root, or the bulb and wait for Spirit to do its work. We can define spirit here as “the law of physics.” Spirit is often defined as immutable Law. When you consider that, if a seed is planted in the right environment, watered correctly, in the right amount of sun and heat, then the plant will grow as intended. No scientist could argue with that fact. But, when it comes to the intangible, such as dreams and unseen frequencies, we tend to lose hope.

So, your dream must have all of these aspects in place, just as the seed in the ground, ready to be nurtured by you. But, more importantly, the aspects that you can’t do (actually make the plant grow larger, flower, or bear fruit) you must release to the power of this Immutable Law.

Then, the hard part is to wait, while you continue to believe with the frequency that matches the manifestation of your dream. In other words, release your dream to the Law!

Tomorrow, when the small seed begins to show signs of growth, what do we do next?

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