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Before I became a metaphysician in New Thought, I was a religious leader in a very bible-based church and wore the banner proudly, often too proudly. So, I know the difference between spirituality and religion all too well. The definitions are not the same and can be perceived very easily with a one simple question.

If you ask someone who is spiritual what he believes, you may hear something like this: “I was brought up in religion, but I have spent most of my life searching for truth, reading books about other religions and beliefs, studying yoga, meditating, and opening my mind to anything that doesn’t judge people. I cannot believe that God would judge his creation. I mean, I don’t believe in hurting others or the Earth. I want to be the best person I can be. I can have just as beautiful moment in a walk on the beach as I can talking spirituality in a church.”

If you ask the same question to a religious person, you will hear something more like this: “I believe everything that the Bible, the Koran, or the Talmud says. It is sacred law. All that I need to believe is in that book.”

This is the basic difference. The spiritual person is a seeker of Truth as it pertains to his or her personal growth, always searching, praised for her unique choices, and usually not judging other’s beliefs.

The religious person is one who seeks Truth from the Source or book that is proclaimed to be the sacred message of his or her particular religion. Usually, with that belief, comes a judgment that others are wrong or will suffer the consequences of living a life other than that version of their truth.

I have known many people of all types. When I come across a religious person I get the feeling I am going to be judged almost immediately. I can feel the hair on my arms raise and my armor coming up, rightfully so.

Once, I was with ten friends celebrating my birthday at a well-known restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. We were waiting to be seated, standing in the bar of the restaurant, when I came across an old student of mine, who took vocal lessons with me for three years. I introduced her to my then partner just before he excused himself to go to the restroom. The conversation sounded like this between my old student and I:

“So, how the heck are you? Are you still singing?” I asked.

She replied, holding a large martini in her hand, “Bo, I have to tell you this—in love—that if you continue on this path of homosexuality, you will go to hell. I love you, but I don’t want to see you in the fires of Satan.”

I replied, “Thanks for sharing,” and walked away, kind of rattled.

This wasn’t the first time something had happened to me, like this. It was such a juxtaposition of feelings going from the happiness of 10 friends celebrating my birthday to her negative stance about who I was and her judgment of my life. I had to go outside and shake off her negativity, before I could continue with the celebration. Still, I think of that day with caution. I don’t ever want to get to the place in my life or in my belief that I would call out someone’s behavior in public to them and commit them to the darkest eternal life. Her banner of self-righteousness will always be my litmus test to be nonjudgmental and honor all beliefs that do not hurt others or the Earth.

Religion? What exactly is it? Is it another word for judgment, self-righteousness, or sheep being led to the slaughter because they have no mind of their own? Or is it people who have stopped looking for Truth in the beauty of a sunrise or the vastness of the ocean? Is it someone who accepts that the God who created the heavens and earth could actually be contained the pages of a book?

I proudly wear the hat of a man who is spiritual, but not religious. If you are a person who is like me, make sure that when you discuss your beliefs, you begin by making a clear differentiation between your right-winged counterpart; otherwise, the person you speak with may just politely excuse himself.


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