Rescue Me

I was distraught by the shooting at the baseball field yesterday in Virginia of the Republican lawmakers and their associates. When the FBI was asked if the shooter, who had been ranting about killing Donald Trump and his clan on Social Media for a year was on the FBI watchlist, the answer was: “No!”

The spokesperson for the FBI justified that they have 100,000 to a million social media alerts each day about the president, terrorism and the like. He said, “We cannot possibly get to each one.”

My questions is: Really? Close to a million people a day say they want Trump dead, commit a terror act, or cause some cyber attack. All I can say to that is: Please, #rescueme!

CNN writes:

Scams on social platforms are also on the rise. Victims do the work of the cybercriminals by sharing videos or stories with their friends that include links to sketchy sites. Symantec said these lucrative swindles spread rapidly because people are more likely to click on something posted by a friend.


“Likejacking” is another one: Using fake “like” buttons, hackers trick people into clicking on website buttons that install malware and may post updates on a user’s news feed, spreading the attack.

The CNN writer goes on to say that there are nearly One Million of these threats everyday. This doesn’t include terror threats or crazy-people threats on Social Media. So, why aren’t more of our tax dollars going to hire qualified people to filter these threats?

We could start from spending less on presidential trips to Florida and keeping FLOTUS in her separate apartment. That’s 3-4 Million dollars right there a week to budget more workers to help protect the country. I don’t get how this bunch of crazies in the Whitehouse and Congress don’t get that.

The killer who went on the shooting spree was in pain, clearly. He took his pain out in a crazy and erratic way, certainly. But, we must look at his pain and the chronic pain of so many in this country every day from the misuse of taxpayer’s money and the senseless, teenager-like tweets of the president. People are simply fed up and they have no where to take out their rage. So, they commit awful and volatile acts to get the attention of their parents… I mean the lawmakers. (Do you get the metaphor here?)

So many people say they voted for Donald Trump because he would protect the country. He has done exactly the opposite. You can’t ban people from coming into the country without looking at what’s in the country and why. We know in psychology that you can’t correct a chronic issue in your own life without understanding the source of your pain. In other words, you work from the inside out.

Yes, I don’t want any more terrorists coming into this country. This is probably the least of our worries, though. The terrorists, if you haven’t noticed, are being born and bred in this country. After having great and normal lives as Americans, they change. Why? They see the distress, ignorance, and ridiculousness of the government and turn from us to find a sanctuary of peace in a government that seems to matter or get things done. These children don’t have any reasoning skills to realize that this kind of terrorism is going to get them killed. They just want to matter!

Again, I don’t suggest here that a terrorist’s behavior is correct. I’m simply saying, our problem is endemic, not pandemic. We can’t reach beyond our boarders to solve the world’s problems without solving our own first. Perhaps, in some ways this could be what Trump is trying to do, but his missteps along the way have led him to a disastrous beginning, which will probably continue until he’s impeached, I’m sorry to say.

Unless you reveal the internal pain, you can’t heal it.


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