Rights to Choose

If I’m told with whom to date, what time to come in from play, when I can be intimate, what to eat and drink, what I can and cannot do with my body—when do I get a chance to make the vital choices to become a secure adult?

I was recently chatting (not arguing) with a friend about democracy and the liberal left, when I realized what we were really talking about was a spiritual issue. Isn’t being on this earth about learning right or wrong and understanding the difference between good or evil? If this is true, than being “liberal” is more of a religious issue in a good and opposite way than most people consider.

God put us on this earth to make hard choices—the basic choices of right or wrong, good or bad—every day. When laws take all of these choices away, how could anyone learn from the human experience? After all, when I look at my life, who I became as a result of many bad choices and good choices together, it was the balance of these two acts that caused my basic right thinking.

I can consider that choices affecting other people like murder and rape would and deserve heavy-duty laws surrounding them. But laws that affect my our own lives and bodies seem to be getting into the life spectrum where God gave us CHOICE.

There is a Greek word for learning in the bible (Phonetically: rAma) that means to experientially know. We can’t expect to have this experiential knowledge of good an evil, God and truth, if we never get the chance to make our own adult choices.

So, liberal thinking, which tends to give people the chance to choose for themselves, generally would be on track for what Spirit needs for us to learn our lessons well. We don’t need any dictators behind pulpits or in political offices telling each of us how to live our personal lives, otherwise we end up in a Nazi regime, which honestly, scares the hell out of me.

I’ve often wondered why I’ve fought so hard for people to have rights that I, personally, may or may not have chosen for myself. Now, I believe, I’m very clear as to the purpose of my political proclivity. Choice is about a God-given right. When we take that away from each other with laws and dictums, we no longer live in a world where God reigns in our hearts, we live in a world where people take away our chance at being human—wavering, floundering, and yet forging a path ahead that is considerably more steadfast with every stumble.

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