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I had a client who wrote over 100 songs. After 10 years of rejections from publishers and artists, he never pitched any of his songs again. He continued to write, though. Sometimes he sang his material at songwriter’s nights, because it was his gift and it made him happy. But work and the responsibility of family took away even the performing. The idea of being a hit writer was off of his bucket list completely. After a long bout of depression, he came to me for Life Coaching. We discussed the idea of opening his heart to pitching his music again or maybe making a simple and cheap CD of his best work with his equipment he already owned and simply putting it out to the public on CD Baby, a website that sells Indy artists.

As the events turned out, he had already recorded most of the songs he would put on a CD, so he just recorded the final current two. He wasn’t the greatest singer, but it didn’t matter. The concept here was to release his gift of songwriting for the world to have—more specifically, for the Universe to carry to its rightful place.

A couple weeks went by without anyone buying the CD online. I encouraged my client to sing at songwriters night again and offer the CD. So, he booked a gig at the Bluebird in the rounds with a couple of his famous songwriter buddies, who thought he wrote very well. After that particular performance, he sold five of his CDs. His smile was so big during our next session. I congratulated him, because his gifts were out there now. Even though you don’t get paid for most appearance in Nashville, he felt honored and blessed to be able to sing with these established songwriters.

What he didn’t even realize is that while he was doing all the actions I had prescribed he do, his depression had diminished, as well. You see, humans are creators by nature. We were born in the image of Creator God, which means that each of us has creativity waiting to manifest. So, if you find yourself depressed with your job or your life, you may not be giving back in some creative way that is specific to your particular life.

This story has a great ending. One of the people who bought my clients CD was a record producer of a famous artist. He pitched one of my client’s songs to his artist, and she ended up putting it on her album. Since my client had no publishing deal, the producer helped him get a publishing deal with an arm of his record company. In the end, my client is now living the life he dreamed he could live simply by showing up and sharing his gifts, whether the desired result came or not.

Most of life is about Showing Up, my friends! Are you hiding your light behind a bushel? What would happen if you let go of your fear today and began to share your individual gifts?


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