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When a dear friend suggested I go to see a comedy show at Zanies Comedy Club, because the premiere performer would be Rosie O’Donnell, I was not sure if I even wanted to go. However, he offered to pay for the ticket and wait in line, so I said yes, mostly because I wanted to hang out with him.

I’m not much into comedy clubs, especially the kinds that are a little dirty and serve food that looks like it came from a frozen box. I love to laugh, but I’m more the kind of guy who likes to laugh from watching peculiar characters develop in strange situations, than watching a comedy that’s supposed  to make you laugh. However, I’ve been known to acquiesce to stand-up comedy or a Media movie, which can be a little of both.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.04.32 AMTwo terrible—I mean awful—comics appeared on stage before our headliner. I was shivering from the cold and dank atmosphere and regretting being there, as even though Zanies became a non-smoking venue, it still reeked of old cigarette smoke, which I loathe. So, I’m sitting on a stool, eating food from a cardboard box to fulfill my 15-dollar minimum table charge, even though we were NOT sitting at a table, but a bar that had a table space that was six inches, enough to hold a drink, certainly not a plate. Even my friend who invited me was getting a bit antsy after the second bad comedian.


So, Rosie finally appears on stage, and suddenly our worlds changed. I had no idea how funny she was. She wasn’t only hysterical, but she had a story to tell about herself and about the life changes she had to make just to survive, especially since she had left “The View.” Most people do not know this, unless they follow her, but she had a serious, almost fatal heart attack—one in which her and her partner did not even know she was having. She didn’t get rushed to the hospital until she was almost dead. Most doctors in her purview thought she should have been dead, in fact. She had a rare heart disorder in which most people don’t survive, according to her tale. What was extremely interesting to me was how she weaved this incredible, life-altering story through her hysterical comedy about her children and married life as a gay star. My friend and I were definitely glad we went. I hadn’t laughed that hard and been touched by an incredible story at the same time for a long while.

So, now Rosie is coming back to The View after heated debates with her costars, so much so that she either quit or got fired after a short 8-month tenure. The real story according to Today Television is that, contractually, she couldn’t come to a agreement for 10 million dollars for 3 years. Some say the real story was because of feuding with right-winged Elizabeth Hasselbeck or stories of show’s creator, Barbara Wahwah not defending her feud with Donald Trump. The last story was from the Fox News website, so let’s just say that this may have been infused with prejudice. Nonetheless, Rosie’s back and, I believe, that Barbara and the network are happy.

More than anything, I’m just excited that someone bold enough to share her strong, leftist point of view is there to put some reality and balance back into the show. I may even begin to DVR my rare afternoon TV viewing and start watching again, as I did watch it when she was on. So, congratulations for making it through the hardest time of your life, Rosie, and coming back to tell about it. You made my life better for hearing your story.

What can we learn from this tale about a fallen star? Life is about lessons. Life has always been about ups and downs and how we handle them. Are you willing to look at your present condition and learn from it? After which, will you crawl into a closet and hide from your truth, or will you share it, so that others can laugh with you?

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