Rummaging Around in My Humanness

When I think of the one thought that can keep me from manifesting my authentic power, my dreams, and my greatest purpose on earth, it is rummaging around in the past. In the past, I cannot see the future; I cannot live in the present moment and experience the wonder of it; and I cannot honor God and myself. When I realize my only focus is working out the past, perhaps, it is time to let go of what already happened and move on.

I have spent many months literally writing my story—I wrote a book about myself, my actually story—to be able to reread it when I feel like I’m stuck. One day, as I was editing it for publishing, I realized, I couldn’t look at it one more day without feeling stuck in the emotion of the past. I actually was being drained of vital energy by editing the book. What I learned is that yesterday holds the possibility of keeping us in the unanswered questions and on the debilitating ledge of speculation. Who needs this kind of energy when the world and the people in it need your power to help them and have compassion and love with abandonment?

Today, I woke up and did my early morning meditation. My primary focus was this: God’s expanding creation and the amazing power exists in even one atom of pure God. How far and how great can I imagine?

As I meditated on the wonder of God, I realized that I am part of that amazing creation, which means that I contain one of those miraculous atoms of God. With just one of those atoms, I can create and manifest all the power of Jesus and the prophets of old and even more than that, so the scriptures say. “With the faith of a grain of a mustard seed I can move mountains.” (Matt. 17:20)

A friend left a message on his wall on Facebook this morning that said: Why are we trying to understand and get along with individual people, when what we should be doing is finding our oneness with God. With that oneness, we will find that which abolishes separateness.

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