Running New Software on Old Hardware: New Technology, New Thought! #technology #apple #newthought #Yahweh

Recently, I got one of those ominous messages on my Apple laptop that said, “You have run out of memory. Start removing storage from your hard drive to make room to run the current programs!” I have seen this message before. Actually, I saw a similar message: “You ‘may be’ running out of memory.” While investigating the new message, I realized that if I wanted to update my computer and the applications, I’m basically going to have to get a new computer. I can’t run new programs with out-of-date, old hardware.

This, of course, got me thinking of the metaphor: What new thoughts are you trying to run on an old belief system? Truthfully, most of my ideations of God and Spirit have morphed through the ages to something so much larger and undefined as words or definitions. I can’t imagine trying to run these new beliefs through my old mind without having very large ERROR messages cause a Brain Crash. I believe, this is what happens when we have an AHHA moment or a paradigm shift in our spiritual belief. The first BEWARE message happens soon after you make your new discovery: “What if I’m wrong? What if God sends me to hell for believing outside the Salvations scriptures?”

When I first ventured from my old Pentecostal beliefs to a New Thought paradigm, I had more than a year or two of attacks from friends, relatives, and simple brain blips that caused me to feel I operated in ERROR. But, what got me through to keep moving forward toward incredible change is the understanding that everything in this human world changes. Everything! If you aren’t changing, then you aren’t living. If you aren’t discovering, then you aren’t looking. If you think you know all about God, then you ARE in error. If God and the universe is every expanding, every moment of every day, to be able to define God is impossible. Even in the Old Testament in the Jewish tradition, the Jews were not even allowed to write the word Yahweh or God. The word was unspeakable and intangible.

To stay within the mystical boundaries of any spiritual practice, we do require some rules. But if any of the rules require you to stop searching for truth in any way, run quickly! Someone and something is on your side at all times helping you find all that you need to know, in any given moment, of any given day. This undefined existence requires acknowledgement, not definition. So, just knowing that something greater and more knowledgeable than you exists and guides you is all that Spirit asks. This openness, lead you to the wonders of the world every day of your life.

Finding Authentic You, which is the name of my new book and self guide, is meant to help you find a way to understand your self and spiritual believe, the most distinct you, unlock all of your negative thinking, and help you replace it with positive, creative thought using many different modalities, including hypnosis, prayer, and psychology. Once you know yourself, then relationship is a fairly easy task.

Listen, I really need your help to buy my new book (below) and share it with friends. No project in this world launches without a community of people who value its importance. This is why I have made it $2.99 for the download version.

For much more information about finding out about the psychology of the human mind and being your authentic self, self-love, and self-esteem, check out my new book below. “Finding Authentic You” will answer many of the questions I propose above. The book also has many discoveries about health, both mental and physical, as well as spiritual discoveries to lead you to your highest and best! Thanks for being a part of my tribe and helping me make this book be a Bestseller.

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