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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) or Diseases (STDs) are infections passed from person to person through intimate sexual contact. In the United States about 19 million new infections are thought to occur each year, affecting men and women of all ages and backgrounds. The most at-risk group is young people, ages 15-24. The highest rate of infection among race is African-Americans, especially the women of this race. (Womenshealth.gov) As you can see by my description, sexual intimacy, sometimes even loving sex can cause an STI or STD and sometimes even kill a spouse or a lover. Why is this so endemic and still common in the world today?

Sexually transmitted disease just doesn’t happen by accident in 99.9% of the cases. Medical blood transfusions, these days, according to Avert.org cause very few cases in wealthy countries. It is suggested that 1 out of 6.5 million people may contract HIV from a transfusion in places such as Great Britain or United States. However, in poorer countries, such as Romania, the risk is much greater. The greatest amount of HIV transmission from blood bourn encounters, of course, is through dirty needles used by intravenous drug users.

So, we’re back to sex and its risks to the people you love. (Please note: though I’m using a married man’s story to explain the risks of STIs, straight or gay makes no difference in this scenario.) I knew of a man who was hiding the fact that he was gay from his work, his family of four, and most of his friends. He confided in me on the Internet, because he was interested in having sex with me and found me on a dating site—a very popular place for married men to hook-up.

Through a lot of inquiry, I discovered his story. He had a sales job that required a great deal of travel. During those times, he would let loose, get on the Internet, and hook-up with many different guys. Apparently, he wasn’t using protection during sexual intercourse, because he contracted HIV during one of his out-0f-town excursions. Because he didn’t consider who he was hurting in his sexual promiscuity and discovery of his own sexual identity, he put his entire family at risk, specifically his wife, whom he was still sleeping with. Apparently, he is, at the very least, confiding in new sexual partners that he is HIV+, which is good news, but don’t count on anyone to be honest with you about their HIV status.

I tell you this story, because YOU may be at risk, without even knowing it. I have a dear friend who was in a relationship for twenty years. The last seven of those years, his partner was HIV+ and never told him. In fact, in the last year of the relationship, his partner became symptomatic, which brought out the truth and the demise of the relationship, as well. If you have spent anytime volunteering at your local CARES (HIV help) centers, you would hear thousands of stories exactly like this one.

So, who should be tested? If you’re having unprotected sex with your partner, both of you should be tested once every six months. The reason why I suggest this is because transparency is so important in relationships. If you put your insecurities about health risks and sex out on the table, suggesting your partner and you both get tested every six months, the chances of someone doing something unseemly, sexually behind your back puts you at much less risk.

The last scenario I’ll deal with is open marriages. Many relationships and marriages are based on the mutual agreement that both parties can entertain sexual encounters as long as they are honest and safe. But, because alcohol, drugs, and stupidity often enter into the mix during these encounters, safety becomes a big concern in open relationships. You may be completely safe, using a condom during intercourse, but receiving and carrying to your partner a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, syphilis, or herpes, which are not blood bourn, is still a risk. All of these diseases are treatable, but who wants to get a disease they never intended to receive, especially from someone whom you love?

Can you kill someone you love from having sex with someone else? Absolutely, both psychologically and physically! Remember this before you make your next sexual choice.

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