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I went to the acupuncturist today. He asked me why I was there. I said, “You tell me.” After checking my pulse on both wrists, he said, “What are you anxious about?”

I replied, “Absolutely nothing. I couldn’t be more carefree today.” I was completely honest. But what my body was saying may not have been what my mind said. In fact, he said that my blood pressure read high.

Your body always speaks to you. In fact, psychological tools can help you identify what you feel by listening to the problems in your body, not your mind. For instance, you have a neck and shoulder ache that gives you a migraine. You may feel as if psychologically your world is okay, but your body communicates something completely different. What is correct, your mind or your body?

In the case of the shoulder and neck pain, you may experience that you have taken on too much responsibility. Your head becomes heavy from all the information, and your shoulders bear that burden. This is a case where your body might give you some insight to a problem.

Holistic medicine is a look at the entire picture of the body and mind and spirit. In this discovery, you must try to find a mixture of psychology, practical medicine, exercise or stretches (like yoga) and spirituality, including visualization. So, to accomplish healing in a holistic way, you have to integrate body, mind and spirit.

How does one do that? The title of this Discovery is “Shake the Blues Away.” We use action to move a psychological problem through the body. I believe that dance was the cure here in the song. Do you remember a time when you were at college? The weekend was coming, classes were ending, and you had one thing on your mind—a stiff drink and dancing till way past midnight. But do you remember why you wanted that experience?

I do. I could get lost in the music and release all the tensions of school and study. For three hours I played like a kid and literally shook the anxiety away from my body. I sweated and laughed. The room had looked as if it were spinning. Nothing mattered. My young mind took time to heal in an immature way.
Today, that probably wouldn’t work for me. I’m way too sensory defensive for that much sound and for a crowd of people to make me feel comfortable. I would be more apt to find a calm water feature with amazing flowers bursting into bloom, and a hypnotherapy session on my MP3 player taking me to a far off heavenly place to get my peace. I guess this is the difference between 20 and 50. I’m very okay with that.

When you find true peace, no other place exists. Peace is home. Not much that can shake a person who has found true peace. So, the key to a long life with great health is to find peace from God and a great road to get to it.

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