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My birthday started off with a bang, then with all the people offering their blessings and good wishes, some people’s good wishes brought the past with the wishes in a way that was difficult to dismiss. The past, whether it be remiss with pain or whether it be its grand moments is difficult to set aside forever. We carry it with us, it seems, wherever we go. Though, we may try with all of our being to stay in the present, sometimes, the past creeps up behind us and reminds of a time when life was not so wonderful.

That happened to me, yesterday. But I tried my best to dispel the old thoughts and continue to see the good in all that stood before me. I made a commitment to answer every good wish on Facebook, personally, so I ended up spending about four hours behind the computer reading the greetings of so many friends and responding to them. Some made me smile really big. Some brought back memories of the past and grave questions of “why, God, did this happen”? While, the best of these remarks was one single paragraph that made me weep.

Apparently, someone noticed that it was my birthday who was not my friend on Facebook. She had, though, been a follower of my blog. Her kind greetings to me brought tears to my eyes. She told me that, though I didn’t know her, a friend suggested that she read my blog.

As a result, she said that her life had been changed forever as a result of reading it. She suggested that, perhaps one of the reasons I was born, was to help lead her out of the darkness.

I cannot tell you how much that brought joy to my heart. Finding out that your life has reason is often what we look for in a day to give us a purpose to get up in the morning. Of course, I know in my heart that millions of people have read this blog, but not so many people respond to the blog anymore. They read it as a part of their daily meditation. I get little feedback. So, let me tell you, it was nice to hear the kind words in the midst of mulling over past relationships and loving wishes.

This brings me to my point. I have a great friend who was once a beauty queen. Now she doesn’t have the money to fix her teeth and has gained a considerable amount of weight. She is wonderful, funny, and intelligent, but she will barely go out in public and will not let anyone take a picture of her. She calls herself ugly! And she will remain ugly to herself until she dispels the belief that her life should mirror her past.

Who we are now is a “result” of the past, but we are NOT our past, in any way, shape, or form.

If I carried everything into the present that molded and shaped me, I would be carrying a load far too heavy to manage. Our past was meant to be just what it was—the past. We are designed to live in the present with the hope of the future full of seed thoughts given to Divine Mind to be grown as a designer would create a new garden.

My thoughts of tomorrow and the next year are about sowing new and wonderful dreams from the seeds I plant today. If my mind were filled with what I did in the past—good or bad—I would never have the mental energy or capacity to create a wonderful future WITH DIVINE MIND.

If I were once a beauty queen, it was to teach me that I have within me the capacity to be as beautiful as I can project God THROUGH me. We are miracles in such that we constantly recreate every moment of life as God continues to create THROUGH US, AS US, just as God continues to manifest more and more universes in the cosmos every moment of every day.



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