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In our humanness we are more than just skin-encapsulated egos. Actually, we are quite the opposite, if we so choose to believe this good news: We are Spirits, united with the Divine, simply housed in human bodies.

Our human bodies, at the end of life—as reality has shown us over and over again—are simply disposable. But our Spirits are energy. Even science proves that energy can be changed, altered, but never destroyed. So, why do we focus so much energy on that which is passing—our egos and our ego wants and desires?

There is nothing wrong with wanting or desiring something in your life. In fact, some of our lives is about learning to use our spiritual energy in our human lives to make shifts and changes to learn about our creative, God power.

Sometimes we learn how not to use our energy more often than we learn the benefits of our spiritual prowess. But as we mature into spiritual beings, we begin to understand how important it is to use our times as humans—to be Creators, as God is. This helps us understand our spiritual Self more, and as a result, changes and shifts the energy of the entire universe. In so doing, we understand our connection and oneness with the world, with our human bodies, and ultimately, with God.

As you may well know, by now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, that the second step to prayer is to connect with your idea of God. If you don’t see yourself as part of Creator or having creative power (a spirit, instead of an ego), then you will never be able to see yourself as anything more than an ego destined to die.

Most of my energy in Life Coaching clients is helping people to recognize their choices and power above and beyond the power of the ego. Most people see themselves as victims, unable to make change, because they feel TRAPPED in humanness. Instead, we want to learn to be the purveyors of our spiritual power, as mature spiritual beings, gaining control over the very power that seems to trap us.

One great exercise I use every day to connect to my spiritual self and learn to overcome my ego is meditation. Don’t stop reading here, because you think you’ll never be able to meditate! I don’t believe that’s true. When I began, I was only able to meditate for one minute at a time.

But, even if you stop for one minute to think on spiritual things above and beyond your ego grocery list of things to do and accomplish, you are successful. Your own lofty ideas about being an adept spiritual being have kept you from trying what is the simplest exercise of all. If you step forward and simply show up tomorrow or tonight for one minute of silence, I guarantee you will be blessed by it. If you want to know more about meditation, my book about it, below, Meditation, Meditation, Meditation, can show you many easy ways to begin practicing. (Remember, spirituality is a practice, as is meditation. Practice always leads to becoming adept anything.) You can do this! Meditation will change your life.

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