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For many years I have likened deductive reasoning to the part of the brain that produces mathematics. Take an absolute and true observation and apply it to a thought. By default you receive a truthful resolve.

I had likened the inductive mind with the dream state, because it starts with theory and tries to prove theory from logical inference. Most science rejects the theories based on inductive thinking because of this rather backward process.

In spirituality, and especially when we are trying to meditate, I have always said that we must move away from deductive thought and move toward inductive thought to get out of the process of the brain that keeps us reasoning.

In other words, to fall asleep, you must be dreaming instead of using the part of the brain that formulates things: like grocery lists, thinking about what happened to you that day and trying to decided what to do about it, going over ideas in your mind, etc. These things use the process in the brain that will always keep you awake.

However, when you disengage from logic output and focus in on the part of the brain that creates, it is easy to induce sleep. Sleep and dream are almost a simultaneous action when it comes to the science of sleep. If you can imagine, usually you will have no problem falling asleep.

Whereas, people who have trouble imagining anything in their minds, have a harder time falling asleep. Why is this so? These latter types of people use the part of their brain that recapitulates what has already happened and goes over it and over it in their minds, creating a sort of looping effect. As long as you use this reasoning part of your mind, you can’t really sleep.

My use of the word Inductive for the dreaming part of the mind is probably a misnomer. It seemed reasonable to me that the inductive would be the opposite of the deductive. But, as I study more about the two states of mind, I realize that I have been operating on supposition. So, I have used the polarities of thinking in helping people fall asleep or get into a meditative state.

We know that for certain the deductive mind uses profound truth to reason. The part of the mind that “reasons” is the part of the mind that will keep you awake. Whereas, the part of the mind that imagines is the part of the mind that will help you sleep. There! Instead of using the terms inductive and deductive reasoning to help you understand how to meditate, I’ll begin to use the words REASONING and IMAGINING. This will give us a much clearer idea of when we are causing a consistent looping of thoughts that keeps us awake. Or, when we use the imagination to create in our minds, which induces a meditative or dream state.

If you have been confused by my use of the deductive and inductive reasoning, I apologize. From this day forward, it’s only REASONING V. IMAGINING for me!

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