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“Most people walk around and live as if they are asleep!” What this phrase means is that some people live in their Ego minds and not from a spiritual perspective, giving them the self-centered appearance of being asleep to their purpose on earth. However, when someone wakes up from this Ego perspective, he or she gains a new knowledge of life through the eyes of God Consciousness. Once you wake up, living asleep is not an option.

I have been a hypnotherapist for over twenty years. During trance, many clients experience an AHA moment that changes them forever. They might not get it that they experienced a spiritual moment, but they never see life the same after that awakening. I have been fortunate to watch and to listen as, one by one, I see friends and family and clients awaken to their purpose. What a true delight to see someone open his eyes and recognize life has more dimensions than just one.

I had a man, recently, share with me that, after 20 years of addiction and self-centeredness, he has found a unique and wonderful perspective—outside of himself—that has allowed him to see his life and the world with some distance. He considered this space a place of observation. He called his new point of view a miracle. He told me that after he experienced this place outside of himself, he stopped running from his purpose, embraced his human faults, and now lives in unison with his spiritual being. He, also, shared that, after all of these years, this awakening has led him to become sober for two years, as well. This experience is what the 12-step programs talk of in Step 2: “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

My best friend, Keith, told me that “a true spiritual awakening” will change any addict into a new person, having a clear perspective of the human state of addiction, compared to the constant state of Oneness with Spirit. Having had 20 years sober and having had gone through years of collegiate training to help addiction, Keith also shared that the 12 Steps do not work without Step 2. If you don’t have a spiritual experience, you will never be able to quit any addiction.

I asked him how someone could tell if an addict has had a spiritual experience. He shared: “if the steps are working!”

So, basically, if you discover that you are overwhelmed with life and have no strength to get past an addiction, you may need to search for the perspective of a greater and higher power.

This is much different than “turning your life over” to a higher power. The change in perspective allows you to live in your decision with cognizance. This same place of cognizance is where we learn to separate our humanness (powerlessness to a condition we have no control over—our humanity) with a new place of being a conduit of Spiritual energy and wisdom.

This is an exchange of sorts for “power from light and love,” instead of power from ego- or self-control. Ultimately, ego will lose all battles to self-control, because Ego has no power over the human condition. Only combining the human nature with a spiritual component can take a human mind and heal it completely.

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