Small Fingers

I just read my horoscope for today, which I don’t usually do. I have a horoscope app that I didn’t even realized I had. The app just peered up at me from my phone and said, “Read me!”

Alas, it read, “Someone with small fingers could be reaching into your pocketbook today. There is some toy or goodie they just ‘have’ to have, but it may be out of the realm of practicality in your current budget. There may be a valuable life-lesson here about money handling.”

Now, how did this horoscope writer know that small fingers reached into my pocketbook today to buy a very much-needed Tibetan Gong. Well, I don’t know that I needed it exactly, but I certainly could use it in my healing practice. It’s just that it was very expensive. Yes, I should have it. But I saw it. Loved it. And before I could blink my eyes, I was giving my credit card information on the computer to purchase it.

Was this Valentine’s Day pressure or what? So, this year I didn’t have a Valentine. I didn’t have anyone to spend a couple hundred dollars on, so I spent it on myself. How’s that for satisfying my hunger for intimacy? LOL. Oh my God, what is my life coming to? The gong just sounds so pretty and magical. It makes my entire body quiver. If a person can’t do that at this point, a gong might as well.

I don’t know if you have ever had a meditation with gongs and Tibetans bowls and singing crystal bowls before. But it is simply magical. It takes you physically and mentally to another plane. I have a friend, Karen Stevens, who does this kind of work in Nashville for a living. If you want her number, just ask. She’s very good. She’s studied under some of the best teachers in the US. She did a session on me a few weeks back and every cell of my body was vibrating and resonating when I left.

This makes me wonder what sound has to do with healing. I know that it transported me to another dimension completely. I immediately was taken from my body. I felt as if my brain and heart were given new vibratory, healing energy.

A few years back, I had a friend who was late for his child’s football game. He was at his home working late when he realized this. He knew that if he ran the back way through some fields behind his home that he could get to the game before half-time and catch most of the game without his son knowing he wasn’t there. So, he put on his running shoes and in the dark began on the mile long trek running.

What my friend didn’t know was that very week the property next to the football field had begun construction on a new building, and had dug a hole the size of large department store right in the path where he was running. Without knowing it was there and with no light to lead him, my friend fell directly into the hole. His head hit a rock and he immediately fell unconscious. Later he was told that when he was found he had been dead for a few minutes. He had to be revived a couple times.

When he shares his story about what happened when he was out of body, he tells the story of Angels and God sharing the story of how sound plays one of the most important roles to our development on earth. He says the reason we are all so drawn to music, is that vibrations of all sort play an important part in the healing and connection of our brain to spirit.

He draws graphs in his story about how the energy of sound is just above the energy of matter. He talks about the different keys and how each key in music is meant for specific kinds of healing.

You may be familiar with the Fibanocci theory in nature and now how it relates to sounds. If you are interested in looking at a YouTube about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUWbeep9sC4 will give you some insight.

It is all rather interesting. There are many places on the Internet to Google sound and quantum physics and also the Fibonacci theory. If you want to take yourself to a place similar to looking up at majestic sky filled with countless stars, start investigating this intriguing new science and begin to imagine the possibility of this modality of healing and quantum physics.

Ok, I’ve convinced myself I made a good decision. Phooey on the horoscope. It clearly doesn’t know what an amazing God we have and a perfectly abundant universe this is. Perhaps the life’s lesson it was talking about was: Don’t listen to stupid horoscopes.

* * *

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