Smoke Screens: In the Way of Your Greatness

The literal definition of Smoke Screen is a cloud of smoke created to conceal military operations. The metaphoric definition of smoke screen is a ruse designed to disguise someone’s real intentions or activities. In many places in our lives, we erect smoke screens to keep us from moving forward, growing, and unveiling the specific places in our humanity that need the most work. Why do you think your ego would want to hide the very places in your life that by making a simple change, you could emancipate from the past and grow with veracity?

I’ve asked myself this very question in light of a many revelatory moments, recently. As I have been spending more and more time writing about my past as an observer, rereading, and editing this manuscript, I’ve noticed that my relationship life looks like a merry-go-round in which I’ve made the same exact mistakes—with different faces—over and over again.

Honestly, I can’t imagine how someone who has led so many people through the woes of break-ups and coached just as many to move forward with different intentions could have missed what was so obvious in his own life. Then, I discovered that, maybe, I didn’t want to see the very place in my life that could change everything. Maybe, somewhere in my subconscious, I constructed a very powerful smokescreen so that I couldn’t see what where I was stuck. Maybe, I didn’t think I was good enough or was simply frightened of what fame or money would do to me. So, I made it difficult to remove the smoke screen.

So, I asked myself some pertinent questions:

  • What is keeping me from my greatest good?
  • What would I do for a living if money wasn’t an object?
  • If I found the perfect mate, would I settle down now into a stable relationship?
  • Most importantly, why do I keep thinking that a “certain type” of person will make a difference in the peace and happiness of my life?

The question I want to focus in on in this discovery is the last one. What I noticed in my meditations is what was most revealing. Every time I begin to think about the power I would need from Source to generate through me to get to my goal, I end thinking about relationships—not just any relationship, in general—but the worst ones.

I use a device in meditation called an Insight Timer. This device can be downloaded on your cellular phone. It rings a bell or sounds a gong every few minutes to keep you conscious while you meditate. It’s a great device for people who tend to fall asleep when they get relaxed in meditation.

What I noticed was that I would initially focus on connecting to Infinite Source and set my intention, but by the time the gong sounded for my next interval, my mind would be thinking about relationship.

Now, you have to realize that when you are in meditation, you get a very clear picture of where your subconscious is stuck. As of this moment, I have never been more focused on what I want to create in this world. So, as my intention grows, my discovery of this apparent smoke screen in my life becomes clearer and clearer. What I realized is that I have more of a desire to be in relationship, than I have a desire to be what God has intended me to be on this earth! That’s a huge revelation!

But—the big butt—relationship has never, ever brought me peace in my entire life. Yet, I continue to seek it with the hunger of an infant in the middle of the night. This desire was my smoke screen to keep from my greatest good. Tune in tomorrow to find out how to remove these powerful smoke screens!

Coming Up: How to Remove Smoke Screens in Our Lives!



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