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Lately, I have noticed that a feeling of insecurity has overwhelmed my Life coaching and hypnosis clients. I can easily see why anyone feels frightened in a world where over 16,000 murders happen a year and countless other horrific atrocities span the globe. This doesn’t count the many people of all cultures and races who have been in the middle of so many earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, and the like.

This year seems to be worse than any other year in my personal life. Perhaps, I’m paying more attention these days. Nonetheless, the tragedies cannot be denied. How does anyone feel safe in an insecure world?

I use the same technique for my personal difficulties as I do for how I look at the state of the world. I take my thoughts to a place of what I call my ADULT OBSERVER MIND. This place can be achieved a few ways:

  1. Hypnosis or Self-hypnosis can induce a state of mind where you can observe yourself without judgment;
  2. Meditation lifts your mind to a peaceful place of observing; and
  3. Regulating your breath, and then releasing the breath from your control to simply watch it without your control will also place you in the Adult Observer Mind.

All of these proven ways can help you rise above human challenges to a place of observing. This Adult Observer is like the parent of your soul. It challenges your fears and calms you with Truth and reminds you of your own Faith in Harmony, Love, or God, whatever you choose to call it.

There is an old tale about a school of fish in a river, which represent struggles. The idea here is comparative. You can either swim in the pool with the fish or stand on a bridge above observing the fish. Which way would you perceive would be the easiest to confront an issue?

You can easily see just by this explanation, that by separating yourself from the problem you can get a much clearer picture of all issues. You can also see what the problem is without your personal fears attached to it. This is the great perspective of the Adult Observer Mind.

One other very important fact to help me feel secure in an insecure world is my belief in a God that is not fighting against Itself. I look at the universe and I see planets perfectly aligned and rotating in a way that allows for life on the earth. If the earth were place one more degree east or west of the sun, all life would immediately perish on the Earth. This means that God and the Universe are in harmony.

Humanity brings its fears and abuse to the world, always challenging the mainframe of harmony. When harmony is challenged in a world that is perfectly balanced, the Earth’s energy moves to cleanse what is impure, just like a cut on human’s body. It bleeds to get rid of the impurities, first, before it heals.

I see in these metaphors that the world does not need my negativity and my fear to support it. It needs an omniscient perspective to give us peace. The universal consciousness would gladly accept your ideas of harmony and love always. These thoughts and power of good work in tandem to change human consciousness from social consciousness. What we want to see change to protect our own insecurities is humans. So, we must challenge ourselves to see life in a way that only God may be able see it—from above.

When we can make this change in ourselves, the consciousness of everyone shift just a bit, which always creates a better world. When I’m at peace, I bring more peace to the world. If you and I can be at peace together, just imagine the amount of love and harmony we can bring to the world. We don’t combat the power of negativity with fear. We rise above it and become better people.


I attribute the majority of this success to my commitment to using the theories of Creative Mind that culminates in learning to pray effectively, using your words creatively, and being thankful for all that you already have. I have outlined this intricately in my new book, Your New Story, Your New Life, coming out in 2-3 weeks, worldwide from Hope & Plum Book Publishing.

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Love to all of you and thank you for all of your support in advance. xox Bo



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