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In a world that tends to lean toward the premise of “you OR I,” instead of “you AND I,” I hope to make a difference by explaining my thoughts without exclusivity. However, I find myself in a world of words that consistently excludes someone. Honestly, I need help.

I have realized that some words that I have used consistently make some people close my books simply by my terminology. I understand this idea. I, also, could have this same desire to shut down when I read something, if I’m not tempted to find a bigger premise behind the words.

With your help, I believe we can find a vocabulary of spiritual terms that will not exclude anyone from desiring the higher powers of positive and creative energy.

In examining the edits from my editor for my upcoming book, I noticed that terms I would use—without thought—were the terms that she looked up in the dictionary that made no sense to her. These terms I speak of are words that we normally use in our Niche of Spirituality such as Ego Self, the Christ, God, and God energy. To some people who have been disenfranchised from religion, in general, these terms could be stumbling blocks to their growth, if while reading something pertinent, they were triggered by a word that brought back judgment and separation.

I was ostracized from the Christian community because I was gay. In the days when Christians had to believe that homosexuality was a sin and that all gays, if they did not conform their ways to being straight, would burn in the fires of hell. So, as a result, when someone comes at me with words that seem to be moving toward judgment, of any kind, I immediately close my heart. I have been hurt too many times by supposed friends who thought they were doing their godly duty, but instead zapped me with some kind of statement that stabbed me in the heart. There words, though they had, perhaps, a good intentional, were more of a judgment to hell than a kind hand ready to help me find my own Truth, which is considerably more important than finding their Truth.

Maybe this important, eye-opening feeling of non-exclusivity will help me develop a new set of terms that will invite anyone wanting to find Truth in themselves and in life.

I believe this is why people who have trouble excepting truth from Christian-based religions, easily will look at something like the Tao or Buddhism, which even though they are traditional religions, the terms are foreign enough to the individual hurt by some religions, will not have any negative mental triggers.

I would love it if anyone who is reading this has a suggestion or particular words that make them stop wanting to read and would share those specific words or confusing concepts with me. I’d like to look at all of them and try to find the common thread of negativity that would support exclusiveness.


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