Standing Strong in the Emptiness

“Last year was a difficult one with lots of changes.” I’ve heard this comment almost every end of the year for the last twenty years. My answer to that is: With difficulty and change, usually comes a great deal of growth. Even in the midst of the worst pain, the most horrendous circumstances, or the greatest mental stress, one truth always keeps me standing. That one truth is that “this, too, will pass.” Because everything in life changes, I am certain of that one absolute.

So, as we get ready for a New Year, most of us are ready and very willing to make a list of things that didn’t work out quite right last year. I am also ready to fill a large page with dreams I would like to manifest in this new year. I know one very important aspect that I want to follow more than anything and that is to follow my gut. When I look back at all the problems or the mishaps from last year, something inside of me told me—deep in my belly—that I should have left the situation. Yet, I didn’t go anywhere but deeper into the problem. Perhaps, that’s why I felt as if I was being fed to the wolves. Maybe, I was the one doing the feeding.

I have a friend who has been in a very precarious situation of late. She recently said to me, “You could do a lot better,” referring to her friendship with me. I thought to myself, what could possibly cause someone to have that small amount of self-esteem? What ever that “something” is, today is the time to decide to release it and start again. Every day is a chance to make your life better, to put aside the past and begin again.

I have another friend who has been telling me that he has been waking up with a feeling of emptiness, lately. To that, I shared, “Great! That means you have done your work!” That emptiness he feels is a clearing away of all the stuff that didn’t work. Now on this blank canvas, God and he can create a new and better life.

Getting used to emptiness is a difficult place to be, when you have been used to filling your life to capacity, so that you won’t feel the emptiness. I remember the first time, after many years, I was single. That emptiness felt strange and often embarrassing, as if I was wearing my loss on my shoulders. Then, I got the idea from a Tao teaching that the emptiness or darkness is the holiest of places, because in the vast emptiness is where God Creates!

So, take some time today and tomorrow to create two lists: 1.) jot down all the things in your life that did not work and that you now want to release; and 2.) write a list of things you would like to manifest. Let’s commit to a revolution in this year end, instead of resolutions for the new year!

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