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I had a great laugh when I overheard a conversation with a prim and nicely coiffed young mother and her complacent, ten-year-old son. The mother, obviously, was trying to encourage her son to help her while she maneuvered taking care of her newborn and toddler, and unloaded ten bags of groceries from a cart into her car. Her son held a Kindle, in the other, his earphones to the device. “Jeremy, please put down the Kindle and help Mommy put these groceries in the car!”

The young boy, moving his head to his favorite beat, grabbed the toilet paper from the bottom of the cart and placed it in the backseat and proceeded to sit down next to it to watch a movie on his Kindle.

I could see steam rising from the young mother’s ears as she grabbed him from the collar, pulled him from the car, gently removed his earphones and said, like a good Christian woman, “Jerome, not even God can steer a parked car! Now, help your mother, or I’ll take that damn Kindle away for the rest of the day!”

Her words, though laced with anger and frustration, rang through my ears with fortitude, as if Spirit had meant the words for only me. I had spent the day lazily feeling sorry for myself. I did half of my workout, wrote a bit of prose, but couldn’t get motivated to do anything else. So, after I went to Publix to get ice cream to push myself even further from the diet train, I knew God had a plan, in the words of this young mother. In that moment, I wondered just how long I would have stayed parked before I realized that I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything spiritually led, while I lay dormant in my quiet pity-me party.

I realize that rest is important, but when you have a dream or a goal, one can’t just think about that goal and expect it to happen. You have to take action if you want Spirit to be able to participate in making your dream come into fruition! Because, as the frustrated mother said, “God can’t steer a parked car!”

You have to, at the very least, try to put pen to paper, start making phone calls, set up appointments, start school, go to therapy, eat the right food, or show up at the gym to take your plan to the next level. Today, see what happens if you take the first step forward toward your dream. It may be the wrong step, but it doesn’t matter. You are now in the driver’s seat, pedal to the metal, and behind the steering wheel. You now are in a position for Spirit to lead you forward.

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