Stretching to the Edge of Your Personal Growth #change #effectivechange

At 87, Michelangelo was asked if he had any more personal goals or desires. He answered in Latin: “I am still learning.” Michelangelo was someone who desired to live the next moment, the next day, the next year. When any of us stop learning, we spiritually, emotionally, and then physically die. When a plant stops growing for some reason in nature, if not for just a season to rest, then the plant or tree is usually about to die. This metaphor holds true for our human existence.

Change looks like a good yoga workout. When you begin, you center with breathing exercises, and find a connection from your mind to your body. In other words, you become the observer and parent of the body, so that you don’t make actions that will hurt your fragile physical self.

Then we begin to make relaxing movement. This action is slow and meticulous. We begin with the spine, which connects the entire body. We end by rolling the head, which uses the neck and has hundreds of muscle attachments on each side of the occipital bones behind the head and at the top of the neck. This head movement is one of the best indicators of how stressed and tight the body has become. Often, I’ll get to a part of the movement that feels stuck or hurt. I stop at the point, breathe into the pain, and let oxygen flow to the muscles, before I begin to move into the pain.

From there, we move into the Asana, which is connecting or holding positions to strengthen and feel the entire body. The Asana or movement portion of the practice is not the most important part of yoga, the meditation is. The Asana is, by nature, the part of the practice where we identify our God Body, which is the conduit or the house for our spirit. As we have entered into a place of divine connection from mind to body, we learn to use our minds to control the fragile and ephemeral body. If we are aware and awake, we learn the most tenuous part of the practice, which is coming to the edge of pain, and waiting for the body to relax into a pose, to move deeper and more intricately into the ephemeral body.

All of this is a divine metaphor for change. In life, we always stand at the precipice of pain, trying to decide whether or not we want to face it—head on, dive in, or our best choice, to wait for spirit and your highest self to accept the problem, then gentle begin to make change. If we don’t face the issue and back away, then we never have the opportunity to learn our divine lessons. If we dive into the pain, our existence gets hurt and submerges into the deep, almost drowning from too much mental and physical stress. But, if we stand at the precipice of pain, waiting, we move slowly into the pain to get past it.

We are on the earth to create beauty. This is impossible if your mind is stuck in the past or feeling pain. Face it first. Stand at the edge of it and wait for God and your highest self to make a plan. Grieve if you must! But gently wade into the waters of change and begin to slowly move through it until you liberate yourself and your world from the obstacles that hold you from your divine destiny.

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