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You can be from any form of spirituality and question the fate of wide-eyed, eager student, who wanted to make better of themselves, entwined with an out-of-control Fed Ex truck to meet the death of 10 people, including the two drivers. No black box exists to help us unravel the mystery that might appease millions of onlookers yesterday. For me, it’s just one more example of the seemingly randomness of disaster and the innocent lives it takes.

Bus wreckHowever, if we look past our hurt and the havoc all of this wreaked in the lives of anyone involved, we might see a bigger picture. Example: one day I was stuck in traffic and decided to take an alternate route to the YMCA to teach my morning class. As I was driving home on the path I would have taken there, the remains of three cars and a truck were being towed away. Yes, a big collision had occurred about the exact time I would have been driving in that direction. I have no idea if I would have been a part of that wreck, and I hope to never know. But, I do know that I took the safer route that morning. Who or what, exactly, is watching us and leading our minds to safety. And more importantly, when we end up in a wreck or a disaster, are we in a path set for destiny?

I’m not one to truly believe in randomness. To a God who gave me a dream about 9-11 almost down to the building and the plane one year before the crash, when my partner worked in the World Trade Center, I don’t believe the dream was random. Someone, something, some entity, if you will, was guiding me away from disaster and my partner too. So, if this same spiritual force that gave me the dream is available to us, why are some still left to die unexpectedly. Is it destiny??

Freewill and Destiny have long been an issue in Religion.
People and Their Free Will:
If God made the game, its rules, and the players, then how can any player be free? Some arguments against God focus on the inability for humankind to process free will.
Moses Maimonides said:
“Does God know or does He not know that a certain individual will be good or bad? If thou sayest ‘He knows,’ then it necessarily follows that man is compelled to act as God knew beforehand he would act, otherwise God’s knowledge would be imperfect.…”
Some people counter this thought with God does know in advance what I will do, because free will is to be understood only as freedom from coercion. The actions of a human are determined by a human acting on relatively strong or weak urges—both from God and the environment around him/her—and his or her own relative power to choose.
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada states the following: “…man does have limited free will; he can decide whether or not to surrender to the will of Krishna (God). All other material happenings and their implications are inconceivably predestined.”
Here are some other beliefs taken from Wikipedia:
➢ Molinism argues that God can know in advance what we will do, even though free will in the fullest sense of the phrase does exist, because God somehow knows how agents would freely act in any given circumstance.
➢ Omnipotence seems to include the power to set a limit on what can be known. Moreover, God chooses to know and predetermine some things, but not others. This allows for humankind’s free moral choices.
➢ Omniscience must include the choices humans will make or else God could not know anything after the very first human choice was ever made.
➢ Presentism means that God knows everything that has ever happened, is happening and will happen.
➢ “God is outside time” is a proposition that was first brought into existence by Thomas Aquinas and C.S. Lewis. This suggests that God’s perception of time is different, and that this is relevant to our understanding of our own free will.
Lewis writes in Mere Christianity:
“But suppose God is outside and above the Time-line. In that case, what we call ‘tomorrow’ is visible to Him in just the same way as what we call today. All the days are ‘Now’ for Him. He does not remember you doing things yesterday, He simply sees you doing them: because, though you have lost yesterday, He has not.
Then there is predestination and fatalism… Whew… Who knew that there could be so many conceptions of God and Spirit? The truth is, none of us know exactly the extent of God or what the existence of God means to each of us, personally. So, like politics, we can only agree to disagree.”
To create my belief, I just picked and chose what made sense to me and threw out the rest. That is what I do in life when it comes to personal belief. If this gives you the liberty to try my version of how to make your own authentic belief, I hope you try. We have to act in life from our core beliefs. When we invest in our most authentic self’s knowledge, we invest in something we can build a house on, a firm foundation. That is good.
When answering the question about is God the storm, or is the storm, God? You might want to consider exactly what you are willing to attribute to God as the Creator. Certainly, if you think God is responsible for the storm and its damage, then you would have to believe that God may also be responsible for you and me, for our decisions, and for our outcome.

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