Suicide Prevention for Teens in Crisis – #Trevorlive

Every two hours and eleven minutes a
person under the age of 25 commits suicide.

Last week on December 8th, many stars got together to provide a wonderful fundraiser for the nation’s leading crisis intervention for GLBT teens, the Trevor Project. Dedicated to the prevention of suicide, the The American Association of Suicidology provides a great deal of information based on every 100,000 teens in various groups. I was shocked to discover that out of every 100,000 teens there are 10 suicides. And four times as many suicide attempts are made.

As a freshman in college, during finals week, a rank smell filled my dormitory hall. Upon investigation, the 20-year-old computer science major living across the hall had committed suicide. It was three days before anyone found him. I had never been around or experienced the impact of such a cry for help. After his body had been removed, though, things quickly went back to normal. My college cohorts barely talked about it. Clearly, the young nerd was troubled, we commented. Carnegie-Mellon University quietly swept the incident under the rug.

These days with the percentage of suicides so high, we find suicide impossible to hide. I have had three very close friends commit suicide since that moment at college. Each time, I think about the impact of one person’s life and wonder if any of it could have been stopped. But the truth: the person committed to suicide as an alternative to life will plan the deed and will surprise everyone around him/her, including even best friends and partners.

What I have noticed over the years, the people who survive suicide attempts truly cry out for help when they attempt to kill themselves. It’s as if, the hope is that someone will save them from their tragic attempt. I once had a friend call me from New Jersey, while I was living in Nashville. He imagined, I supposed, that I would be the last person who could help him from taking his own life. However, I still recognized his cry for help so many miles away, and found a way to call the police in his town. He was saved before he died. I’m not sure how happy he was with me, because since then we have only talked once. Who knows, maybe I did the wrong thing by intervening. Maybe he tried again later in life and succeeded. I truly have no idea. But what is a person to do when another person says he or she will commit suicide?

By law, if a practitioner of health hears this message from a patient or client, we must report it and keep them present until help arrives. If you can talk the person down from the ledge, the law changes a bit. You are to get them to sign a release, stating the client will not attempt suicide after leaving your office. But what if a friend or partner hears the same message? It would seem that the same intent of the law would need to follow, even if you have no clinical background.

I once had a client many years ago, who has since passed away, whose wife asked him what mode of suicide he would use if he were trying to take his life. My client said to his wife, “Honey, don’t talk like that.” She kept nagging him until he finally said, “Well, I guess I’d just put a plastic bag over my head and fall asleep.”

Low and behold, the next day he came home from work and found her in bed asleep for good. The man never got over the trauma. He felt he was the one who convinced her subconsciously to do the deed by suggesting the way and terms. He would spend some of the next few months in therapy, then ended up having to be hospitalized for his own depression. This was the love of his life. He spent the rest of his days grieving, until he died of old age.

The loss of a young person’s life seems to be a large issue, since we recognize as a whole that youth barely understand the meaning of life, let alone be responsible for taking it, before they have a chance to learn and educate themselves about the import of growing past their problems. So, I’m thankful for The Trevor Project and agency like it that counsel young people to gain strength and fortitude in the face of a harsh world likely not to understand their particular problem and circumstance.


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