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Ask yourself the question: What would I do, if I didn’t have to succeed today? Then, do it!

Life isn’t always about success. It’s about “dancing through life—mindless and careless,” as the lyrics in the musical Wicked suggest. Follow your happiness, and your path will always lead you to success, because success, ultimately, is joy, happiness, and peace.

Someone special recently said to me, “If I was totally happy living under a bridge, then I would live under a bridge.” In other words, the goal in life is to seek happiness and joy. The things you collect around you are meaningful but are NOT the meaning of life. The people around you are special but do not hold the key to happiness. You do.

You can learn this lesson easily if you are one who has denied yourself joy to keep others happy. You have been thinking, life MUST be about something more than work, making money, and suppressing your bliss.

Life is much more than commitments and life’s memorabilia. If you don’t live your life in the present, you will miss out on all of the joy that Source has to give. If you live in fear about people discovering who you are, you will lose heart. If you worry about death, you will stop living. If you stop loving because you are afraid love will end, then you will never experience true love. Physical love always ends in either death of one person or someone leaving the relationship. That is a hard fact, but a fact, nonetheless. Understanding this fact helps you love bigger and be more present.

Everything in this discovery comes back to living in the NOW. All of your bliss is right here present. When you begin to think about the negative things in your life, use the word “neutral” to stop the negative spiral. Then, imagine something like the ocean or the expanding universe. Keep your mind on the living. “The dead will bury the dead,” as the Master Teacher Jesus taught.

When you worry about the past, you carry around corpses, trying to leverage happiness with negativity. Make a plan to step forward into your new life with pride and joy everyday. Surprise yourself. You won’t regret it. You deserve to be happy—completely happy, as do all of the people in your life.

Consider this today: Every one in your life is responsible for his or her own happiness. Even your children have a reasoning ability. You can guide young minds, but you cannot force a child to be happy. That life’s lesson is up to him or her. We can only be guides to love in all relationships. But, if we deny our own happiness, all anyone sees is our denial. Even a child will mimic this behavior, rather than learn to be happy.

Choose to be happy today or let life decide your course. It’s all up to you! Surprise your self with joy!

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