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We eat because our bodies need fuel and energy to survive. We get educated because our minds need to learn to understand basic skills to become involved in the world. We drink because water is our body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of our body weight. Every system in our body depends on replenishing the water. We exercise to maintain the physical strength of our human body. But what do we do to sustain our spirits?

As far back as ancient Egypt, people understood that they needed something to support their ideas of where they came from, what they should pray to, where do they get their insight? So, they created gods and goddesses to support their belief systems. Osiris was the god of the dead; Horus was the protector of the ruler; Nut was the sky goddess whose body arched over the earth to protect it; and there were 29 gods in all.

Over the years many religions and beliefs have surfaced. Some found their truths in buried scriptures, some were channeled from God herself, and most were simply made up of spiritual interpretation of the Christian Bible.

To tell you the truth, if you believe something that is positive and makes you feel good, you are probably on a path toward peace and love. I don’t have any judgments there. I don’t care if you are saved, baptized, initiated or otherwise.

But I do believe that we all need to be recharged—like a battery—when we use our essential physical, mental and spiritual energy. We recharge the body with food. We recharge the mind with learning. But when it comes to spirituality, most people have no idea how to replenish things like compassion, patience and love.

Personally, I feel that you may make every attempt at reading inspirational books, join churches and focus groups, even take time out to contemplate life; but if you are not spending time in silence and meditation, you probably are not getting the recharge you need to be a vessel of compassion and love in this world.

Here are some examples of how you may know you need spiritual recharging:

If you find yourself snapping at someone you love;
If you have anxious feelings and fears;
If you feel ambivalent about life, in general;
If you can’t get something done in your life;
If you have no patience at work or at home;
If you are pushing in on a habit more than you had ever before; and
If you avoid the very people you should be loving.

When you discover you are doing one of the above behaviors, you know that you should be recharging your spirit body like quartz crystal in the sunlight.

There are many pages on my blog about the hows and whys and even the whens you should meditate. Take a moment and look through the blog contents and find out how to get this essential energy back that you absolutely need now. I promise you that, if you don’t, you will probably get sick and have to lay in bed for a week, because you haven’t been listening.

Energy has to come from somewhere. When you don’t get it from the Source, it gets leached out of your body and you become sick!

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