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When pain slaps across the face, unexpectedly, sometimes you remain more stunned than hurt. But a day or two after, you look at yourself in the mirror and notice an aching bruise that wasn’t there before. How do you deal with that metaphoric grief?

I’ve had a busy week on set, rehearsing, and taking workshops and classes, so I never really had time to digest the death of a close friend. As a result, I’m a little sullen today. I woke up with a knot in my stomach and bit of an anxiety hangover, for lack of a better word. I’m busy again today, so I want to take some quiet time this morning to grieve, sit with my sorrow, and create a plan for closure. You might be wondering what all of this might look like, because you, too, wish you could release from some kind of pain or grief and move forward into the light of love and peace.

For me, quiet time always looks much the same. I separate myself like the Master Teacher Jesus did in the desert and simply be quiet, which is often harder than you could imagine. We keep ourselves busy and occupied, primarily, so we don’t face our pain. But, sometimes, letting go of our psychological drama is as simple as feeling the chair you sit on, surrounding yourself with your favorite blanket, or listening to some beautiful music. The key is certainly the quietness. In the silence, there is a secret place, a secret meeting place—Spirit is the there!

If sorrow has made its home in your heart, then you may want to simply let that grief rise to the surface to be healed. This is like removing a bandage after the bleeding stops, so that the air can hit your wound and oxidize it to scab. Even though a scab is never pretty, it is the next step to healing. Honor the healing process and, especially, protect the scab from anymore harm.

The Japanese have a wonderful tradition. When something breaks, they fix it and paint the crack in the surface with gold. I’ve been thinking about what this tradition might look like with our own hearts. Paint your scab gold. Honor the cracks in your mind and in your heart! Paint them your favorite color. And love them, until they become a vessel of honor.

Finally, the plan to bring closure to your grief, might be printing a picture of your loved one (if it’s a death), writing something special on the picture, and placing it appropriately where you can slowly let your grief turn into wonder, joy, and peace. For me, I have begun to think of my friend who has passed as being an angel in a place where no more pain exists. To add to my wonder, I imagine that now she is in that spiritual place, perhaps, where she can touch my life as she couldn’t being in the physical, human realm. She is always with me in my heart.


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