Sweet Dreams Are Made of This!

I just finished watching “Broke Back Mountain” again after many years. I find that the take-away from a movie changes greatly as you gain perspective and the wisdom of years. #SweetDreams were not made of the magic of this movies, but the director Ang Lee created a lesson we all should carry with us about letting go of our #dreams because of situations and the negativity of other people.

When I first watched this movie, I felt pain and heartache and left with melancholy that stayed with me for days. I didn’t much think of why, as my life was then a reflection of the anxious attachment the two main characters had for each other. Today, however, with the help of my husband, I was able to sort out the pain from the victory that we can all get from the movie.

Of the two main characters, Jack Twist had a dream. He knew what he wanted, but couldn’t get what he wanted from the man he loved. He continued to dream and wait, hoping that as life changed and their love deepened, Ennis would come to see that their love was worth committing to, even if it meant hiding away in the mountains somewhere sequestered from the world.

Ennis, however, burdened with the thought of his childhood experience when his father showed him the man lynched for being gay, dragged around by his dick until it disengaged from his body. Ennis could never get rid of the idea that he was a bad man for loving Jack, so he never could run away with his love. He was too afraid of the foreshadow from his past, which actually ended up happening to Jack, the love of his life and the actor, himself as he commit suicide soon after.

My husband, David, said to me, “It’s kind of hard to not feel melancholy when you see that movie.”

I suddenly had an aha moment, saying, “What my take-away was that you must always dream. But you can never let someone take away your dream, because they cannot commit to the dream fully.

Jack’s dream got sucked into Ennis’s idea of what he deserved in life. Jack became rich because he believed in dreaming. Jack even believed that his wife’s father would give Jack money to leave the family to start a life with Ennis. This probably would have happened had Ennis had any dream of his own.

But all Ennis lived in constant fear, except for the times he was in Jack’s arms. Jack was Ennis’s salvation and also his demise. At the end of the movie, our reminder is so clear with the last scene being of Ennis holding the bloodied shirt that Jack took from Ennis, which he found in Jack’s childhood room, hidden in the back of the closet and a picture of the place where they fell in love: Broke Back Mountain.

#Sweetdreams are made of one thing and one thing only: continuing belief in the awesome creative power that you have within you. You are one with the Infinite Mind of God, never separate from it. You can use this creative mind to give you hard labor, or you can create love.


From this love will grow prosperity, empathy, compassion for the world, and more love than you could ever dream of from those around you.


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