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As we get older our bodies seem to attract pain. Every day we wake up with a different malady. At eighty-something, my mother discusses her pains, pills, and doctor’s appointments more than she talks about what she’s making for dinner and what’s on television. In fact, almost everyone I know at that age has come to that. So, should we expect that when we reach into our eighties that our bodies are simply going to be an amalgam of so many diseases and maladies that our entire focus in life will be on physical care? Or does a better way exist?

If anyone thought about preparing for being older by watching his diet, exercising daily, meditating, and using holistic practices—it was I. In fact, at eighteen, I was a vegetarian, doing juice fasts, getting facials, exercising daily, and developing a spiritual practice, when all my friends were out smoking and drinking. Did it help me? I’m not so sure. I do look younger than most of them, but I believe I feel a little older than the majority.

When I first began to experience really horrific pain in my back, hips, and legs, I spent an entire year still teaching my yoga classes, taking loads of glucosamine, and refusing to believe that my body needed help. I kept saying to myself, “How can this be? I’m the healthiest person I know!” And, yet, there I was, in the doctor’s office, almost in tears, because I had trouble at forty years old getting out of bed in the morning.

I remember, before my father passed away, all the aches pains he had in his back and legs. When he got up from a chair, his entire body would quiver. I had been experiencing the same symptoms, and I simply was afraid I had turned into him.

The physician told me that I probably had a bad case of arthritis, which was inherited. (Those damn genes!) I probably did nothing to get the disease. In fact, how I lived my life was probably keeping the arthritic condition at bay for a long time. But soon, the inevitable caught up with me. The doctor told me that my pain could be lessened by taking an anti-inflammatory and using some medication to reduce the effects of the pain.

The physician was correct. After I began the medication, two weeks went by before I was able to lead a completely normal life again. I kicked myself in the pants a few times because I had spent so many days in pain that I had even become somewhat depressed. Just a couple of pills to manage my symptoms was so simple to have a normal life again.

However, what happens with most pills is you either become resistant to them or they have some severe side effects. So, you have to decide, do I want to continue having a better quality of life with the pills, so I’ll take another pill to continue this quality of life; or, do I stop taking the pill, go back to the original pain and try a different approach?

I have done both. I tried every form of homeopathic treatment from massage to acupuncture to reiki. You name it, I tried it. In fact, I did all of those before I ever tried conventional medicine. And, also, spent a lot of money trying every gadget on the Internet that promised to reduce pain. Where did I end up? Back at the doctors, begging for my medication again.

I don’t know if there is an answer to the problem of getting older or inheriting disease from your relatives. It’s just life! So, keep dancing through, as much as you can. When you come to an impasse, you simply have to make choices that will help you keep a quality of life that is joyful, peaceful, and pain-free. Usually, this is my litmus test for any medication, as I’ve come down to one incredibly simple solve: If I die five years earlier than I normally would have, because I’m increasing my quality of life now with pills that have long-term effects; then, so be it. I’d rather be happy right now and pain free, than managing pain my entire life. The latter, just isn’t life to me.

Just one simple caveat: Quality of life, to me, is being able to do yoga, sit comfortably to meditate, and living pain free.

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