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On #Death and #Dying

I woke up this morning, meditated, and then began my usual routine of taking the dog for a walk, drinking a 1/2-cup of coffee, and writing my daily blog. Before that, however, an urgent nudge directed me to read some recent updates on Facebook. I immediately found that my dearest friend’s mother had passed away just hours before. I’m so far away by distance, but my heart felt as if I was there with her when it happened. Before I left Nashville, we visited her mother together, and we all prayed together at her bedside. Just weeks before that, her father died. I feel so helpless right now, because I wish I could hug her.

At times like this, I contemplate death and the purpose of life here on earth. I often quote Dan Baker, who wrote the book, What Happy People Know. He speaks of a woman who had survived cancer, only to have gotten the diagnosis again. When he asked he what she thought of happiness, she said:

“Every moment that’s ever been, or ever will be, is gone the instant it’s begun. So life is loss. And the secret of happiness is to learn to love the moment more than you mourn the loss.”

Notice she doesn’t say “but” she says, “and”… “the secret of happiness is to learn to love the moment more than you mourn the loss.” There are no “buts” in death or happiness. They are both exact mental equivalents. Without the knowledge of one, you can’t totally be liberated to happiness.

When a death impacts my life, I soon realize that what I mourn is my own ephemeral existence, every time. We don’t have much time on the earth. If you’re lucky to have spent more than fifty years on this earth, you know what I’m talking about, when I say, that time continues to speed up the older you get. This accelerating continuum only gets faster and then you face the inevitable. If this is the case, then what exactly are we here for?

We recognize in times like these that we haven’t stepped up to the plate, most times, and haven’t done what the Universal Law of Love has been encouraging us to do for so long. If I get anything from this moment, it’s that I want to spend more time delving deeper into my commitment to God and the Universe for the rest of my time on earth.

Pray for the loss, yes. Grieve the loss, absolutely! But encourage yourself, in a time like this, to make the most of every relationship, every opportunity to be loving, compassionate, and make an impact on this earth!

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Sewing on a New Button #endings #memorialday #divorce #death

Sewing on a New Button
#endings #memorialday #divorce #death

As I proceed to a new day, remembering the people who have passed, I still think of my friend, Michael’s, words: Endings comes in ways we can’t arrange.” Endings are like a button that falls off for no reason. One day, after the shirt hangs in your closet for a while, with no button, you decide to take it out, remembering how much you enjoyed wearing it. You choose to sew a new button on, so that you can wear it again. I believe that the memory of the past has to be like this metaphor. We have to be able to see the good in the past to fully be able to wear it proudly again. And the button you choose to sew on is likened to a new, positive outlook added to that memory.

I have a friend Linda who has been gone from my life for four years from very fatal colon cancer. I say have, because I don’t see her as gone from my life. I’ll explain later in this blog. She and I were connected at the hip for our entire friendship. She understood me like few people do. She was unlike anyone I knew. She was a lawyer, a very deductive and precise thinker. But, she had a spiritual outlook that often tipped me off of my stationary scales of ideas and beliefs. I like the quality in a friend who makes you reconsider what you believe daily, not in a contentious way, but a loving compassionate way.

I remember when she moved away to Colorado Springs, because she couldn’t overcome any sickness—at that time, she didn’t realize it was probably the beginning of the cancer. She called me one day completely excited. “I have the best idea,” she said. “There is a writer’s conference in Colorado Springs, a couple blocks from where I live. It is one of the best in the world. You could go to the conference with me, and we can have fun for a week!”

This was a great idea. I had been a fledgling writer, didn’t have 13 books published as I do now, and enjoyed going to writers’ conferences once or twice a year to boost my ego and meet agents and publishers. So, I went to the conference in the spring of 2000. At that conference, I was chosen to read a short story in a workshop that would be facilitated by the publisher that acquired my first two books. So, I know for certain that Linda’s life helped me in more ways than either of us knew, at that time. She did get to see the first book published, before she died. For that, I was very thankful to God.

I say that she is still a friend, because one evening after she passed into the ethers, she appeared to me as in a dream. She had bought me a small silver bell for Christmas one year. As we talked, she asked me to ring the silver bell whenever I wanted to talk with her. In that moment, I thought, I have no idea where I put that bell.

In fact, I hadn’t seen the bell since I moved into my new home two years prior to that. However, when I awoke the next morning, the bell was on my nightstand, as if it were there the entire time. I was astonished and, also, relieved that Linda would still be with me throughout my life and into eternity as an angel. I do believe in angels and spirits helping us and showing us truth from above and beyond.

I now believe that everyone I know who has gone on before me into the heavenly realm has the possibility of being an angel from the other side. For that, this Memorial Day becomes a time for me to rejoice in the spiritual realm for all those who have moved forward before me into their spiritual growth outside the human body. Now, they can be angels from the other side, knowing us in ways no other spirits could. For that, I give thanks on this Memorial Day.


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