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A World of Anti-s (depressants, acids, seizure, virus, anxiety…)

Ingenious Cindy Guandolo made a birthday bouquet of all my favorite paintings.

As I get older, I feel more intolerant of pain, anxiety, heat, cold, sickness, smoke, perfumes; actually, just about everything that doesn’t suit me. However, if I don’t want to have these feelings, should I run to the easiest fix—a medication to solve my problems?

When it comes to medications, I probably take too many already. However, when I try to balance the idea of having a difficult and painful day with a normal quality of life, I always choose normal. However, as I have become healthier with each day on a low carb, vegan diet, I feel as if I’m able to let go of some of the anti-s.

This is important for all of us to remember as we get older:

Sometimes the medications we take have worse side effects than if you try to manage your health with different food choices and certainly with consistent exercises that not only strengthens the body, but also stretches it.

I had been diagnosed with a bad case of arthritis about 15 years ago. Since that day, I have been trying to find a great balance between diet, exercise, and medications. I can’t seem to get entirely off of these pain medications without some discomfort, but I hope that some day I can.

Hope holds a great amount of power in our minds. If we believe that we can get off the medications and hold the idea in our minds that we are pain free and medication free, we could very easily see this day soon!

The opposite side of the preverbial coin is that we may have days that feel worse than others when we titrate from the meds. For example, when the weather is rainy, cold, or overcast, my arthritic condition seems to worsen. When I trust my practice and my truth, I can generally get through the uncomfortable feelings with a small amount of medication.

I feel great about this change in my life. At 57 I feel better than most people my age. Instead of getting weaker, I’m getting stronger with each day of exercise and yoga. I have a very small amount of body fat as a result of the vegan diet. My heart is stronger. My cholesterol is lower than it has been in a long while. And, I’m actually able to swim 3x the amount of laps that used to do when I was 30. I actually do the laps faster and and with more strength, as well.

Is all of this because I have become vegan? I’m not completely sure, but I’d have to guess that diet has the most to do with any physical change in health, since I have changed little else in my life. I don’t expect everyone who is reading this to go completely vegetarian or vegan.

  • Even if you start with 3-4 meat free meals a week, you will make a huge change in your body’s digestive system. Vegans clear almost their entire digestive track twice a day in most cases.
  • Meat eaters hold meat protein in the large intestine, sometimes, for days before all of the food has been evacuated from the body. This is the cause of most of the physical problems.

Drink water instead of any kind of soda or juice.

Third on my list would be eating healthy snacks instead of junk food and sweets.

I don’t even crave junk food anymore. The fruit I eat at night holds everything I need to sate my hunger. If I want something really sweet, I eat a couple of dates. If I want something salty, I’ll eat some freshly popped popcorn with nutritional yeast and bit of salt. Both of these snacks have become staples. Neither of them add weight unless I go overboard.

Perfection is a state of mind, not a right of passage. You will never have the perfect diet, but if you begin by not buying the food that causes you the most weight gain, you will certainly turn to the healthier food when you’re hungry. You will give yourself no choice. This part of the equation is definitely in your hands (and in your shopping cart).

Most people say that they can’t do this because of other people in the family want the junk. This is just pure bullshit. Your entire family’s diet is in your hands as well. It’s time you take responsibility for what groceries go into your cupboards.

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A Pot Full of Old—Aging Gracefully

“A Pot of Old” can be your “Pot of Gold,” if you let it.

I never much thought about getting old until I turned fifty. Then, suddenly, I entered a race against time to get all of the things done on my bucket list. After one big surprise birthday, I momentarily circumvented all of my fear about being rejected, because no time exists for such nonsense. So, now, as one who qualifies for AARP, I can actually rent a car for less while I’m taking my arthritis and cholesterol meds. Yeah for me!

The truth is, I actually really enjoy being an older man. The benefits of being over fifty far outweigh the problems. One amazing factor about being older is the opportunity to assess life through the lens of time. I can deliberate and make great decisions based on a large menu of items that I have already tasted, digested, and felt the benefits of. This is similar to going to a restaurant that is one you frequent, knowing that you are about to get a delicious meal with no questions asked. This is far better, sometimes, than constantly trying new restaurants with the hope that you’ll find something on the menu you enjoy.

This, I call, avoiding a sophomore attitude that is endemic in the youth. When you’re young, you want to try everything, which is a part of life. This sophomoric attitude annoys me about older men who haven’t learned this important lesson: This moment is divinely inspired. Don’t make light of the moment. Instead, live it fully, experiencing the now.

The difference is that, as an older adult, we can discern what was good and what wasn’t good about our experience—after we gave it a chance. I’m not saying I haven’t dismissed many relationships and opportunities because they simply weren’t resonating with me. No, not saying that at all. In fact, one of the great options of age is that I can make those decisions safely, knowing myself better than anyone. I absolutely can see within minutes if someone is a nurturer, a taker, a troublemaker, or a lover. It’s as if age has given me a divine sifter, like those change machines at the grocery store converting pennies and dimes to dollar bills.

Another great benefit of being older is that I see that it rains and thunders on all of us. The human experience is not purposefully singling out you or me and creating a mess for us to clean up. No, life just brings “stuff” because this is earth and we are human. In fact, I’m even getting used to being wrong. (Yes, I wrote it publicly and often say it aloud!) Apologies are becoming second nature. I get that I’m here to experience. Some of my experiences are joyful and loving. Having a bad experience and making wrong choices doesn’t make me a bad person.

Some lessons are more difficult to endure, especially if I resist them. I’m learning to plunge in and feel all of life as it passes me, taking from my experiences the lessons I’ve learned to create better times in the future.


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Refusing to Age

I read an article recently that talked of all the ways the body ages and atrophies to cause a hunched back in old age. Two of the main causes of that restriction are in the hip flexors and iliopsoas muscles.

If you feel one inch to the left of your right hip bone, then about two inches down toward your feet from there, and press inward, fairly hard, you will feel the iliopsoas and some of the hip flexor muscles. This pocket of muscles begins to restrict early on in the aging process. Most people, who do not stretch or do yoga, experience back problems as a result of this connective muscle from the leg to the spine. If it is not stretched, the lower back suffers considerably over time.

I recommend doing a Google search for iliopsoas exercises to find some stretches that will be suited for you. If you can make it to a yoga class, ask the teacher to show a few iliopsoas-specific exercises.

I remember as a young child I would always look at the children of aging adults. I wondered if the child would someday look like his/her parent. A couple of times I stopped dating someone because of the scary reality that my partner would be bald, decrepit, and riddled with disease. Ah, youth! I would never be so rash today.

Of course, the reality of someone having all the same diseases as a parent is slim, but without changing your life’s course toward health, you may likely be on the same path as your parents, even though you had tried not to follow in their footsteps.

My dad was very arthritic and had terrible stomach problems from as early as 35 years old. I intended to do yoga and keep from having problems with my back. I intended to be a vegetarian and health fanatic so that I wouldn’t end up with his stomach problem. However, I ended up with both of his problems—sometimes, I think worse than he had them. Go figure.

One thing I absolutely know for sure, though, is that, though I have the same physical ailments, my quality of life is much better than my father’s. He ached and moaned about his back and leg pain and stomach constantly. I believe I have 90% of this aging under control because I have been diligent in taking care of myself, probably to the detriment of other areas of my life. But, my mantra has always been, you can have all the money in the world and not be at peace or in good health to enjoy it. If I had a choice of one or the other, I’d choose peace and health every time.


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