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One More Trip Before the Betty Ford

I had a large hypnotherapy practice in Nashville for 27 years. During that time I helped many people with different kinds of addictions, sleep issues, and anxiety find relief and freedom. I discovered early on as a clinical hypnotist that most of my clients were going to be on the road to quitting smoking or losing weight. These two categories are the two tops for every clinical hypnotist.

You could tell this by the parking area around my house, constantly littered with cigarette butts. You would have thought that I was out all night smoking or going out for frequent cigarette breaks throughout the day. But, no, it was not me. It was those clients looking for their final puff before they quit smoking for good. Was it worth it? The bigger question: Did it help or hinder the process of going into an office stinking like a bar and asking for help?

I hate the smell of cigarette smoking. I have hated it since my father and mother would trap 6 kids in the car in the middle of winter in Pennsylvania with the windows closed and both were smoking a cigarette. Of course, no one knew in the 60s and 70s, except the big tobacco companies, that nicotine would cause so many deaths from lung cancer. For some reason, I knew it subconsciously that it was causing me a death of some sort. I couldn’t breath and had bad allergies and was sick almost constantly from colds and the like.

“One last hurrah!” If you knew that you were going to the Betty Ford to quit your usage of heroin, would you take the night before to have one last drug addled night? What if… what if you used too much heroin and had an overdose right before you took that final step to heal your sorry ass? Do you know how many times that actually happens to people? The “Washington Post” says that 100 people die a day from drug overdose. 

Since it’s my last time, let me just do a little more, add a few more glasses of wine or shots of whiskey to the high to see how it feels. Then, the swirl of red lights fills the room and you hear whispers of medics talking, then silence… What if you don’t wake up?

Of course, no addict thinks about anything but their next fix when they are getting high or thinking about getting high. So, what does it matter, really? Do you know how many people start the process of getting sober from drugs and alcohol and never follow through? Out of 4500 people, 25% will last a year, 14% will last 5 years and only 6.9% will go the distance, reports Psychology Today. That’s not a very high resolve. Yet, Alcoholics Annonymous is still considered to be the best in helping addicts overcome addiction. The best is still only helping 7% on the long term.

So, what is happening to those people who never make it through the process over the long-haul. I have had many friends over the years start to drink after 20-30 years of sobriety. What do you think happens when they start to drink again? Do you think that after all these years of seeing the damage addiction does it helps them stop the urge to over do it and drink socially? Hell, no! These people often become worse than before and often OD or end up in ditches dead.

Addiction is deadly. I’m not sure why I’m writing about this today, but someone needs to hear this. Someone out there has a friend, has a relative, is that person who is struggling and needs to hear that there is only one way to health: COMPLETE ABSTINENCE.

You are like the patient with a terrible heart condition that cannot have salt or your arteries will hard and you’ll die. You simply can’t ingest alcohol. This is a disease, a terrible one and I’m sorry you’re dealing with it. But only one person can say NO, and that person is you!

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Judge Renders Convicted Felon “Infamous” #suffrage #therighttovote #electiondisenfranchisement

Until yesterday, I had never heard of an “infamous” verdict, making an imprisoned person, even after he had served time, rehabilitated, and re-acclimated into the world, losing the right to vote for the rest of his life. Section 7 of Article VII of the Constitution reads: “The General Assembly shall pass laws excluding from the right of suffrage persons of infamous crimes.”

An infamous crime according to the Dictionary of Modern Legal Terminology says that one for which part of the penalty is infamy, i.e., being declared ineligible to serve on a jury, hold public office, or testify. However, though these consequences were supposed to be abolished in the 19th century, these verdicts are still being passed down. The result could be that a person who has gone back to college after prison, gotten a degree to help others rehabilitate from prison life for 20 years, and is sober, still can’t vote. As a gay person who understands being disenfranchised, this makes no sense to me at all. No amount of inquires to the court, apparently, can change this judge’s verdict, even though his crime was as menial as theft from drug abuse. I guess, I could understand this verdict if he had committed murder or treason. But small-time theft, because he was mentally ill from drugs? I’m not buying it.

[soliloquy id=”undefined”]The dictionary not only shares the above definition, but describes the infamous as meaning well known for some bad quality or deed; wicked and abominable. This term brings me to a spiritual word called redemption. I have known many people I didn’t believe could change, who actually did change. I have seen in my practice many lovely people, who come to me desiring change from, sometimes, horrible thoughts and actions, who make considerable changes. The point is here that people, if they truly desire to change, can often make it to a place of recovery, especially if they hold fast to one important idea: no matter what he or she does, he is still a creation of God, made in the image of divine, purposely given the opportunity to learn lessons on earth, not be judged by them for eternity.

I have a family member I want no part of because of addiction. I never said I didn’t love him. I simply know that my boundaries had to change until full recovery takes place. How will I know if redemption happens? I guess, time and his deeds will tell. Maybe, the point here is that the only person we really have to convince we have changed is ourselves. I know by working with people in this situation that, long after their misdeeds, most still have a terrible self-esteem and think they deserve no good in life.

Is this really what we want for someone who has served a sentence, rehabilitated, and has made it his/her life’s mission to rectify a problem that resulted from drug abuse, which in my estimation is an illness?

I err on the side of forgiveness. To forgive completely means to wipe away all of the past and begin anew. I don’t know many people who can actually make this major switch in mind. I am acquainted with one person, in particular, who I will always hold at arm’s distance, no matter how much she claims she has changed. I want to take her back into my heart, but I simply can’t trust her after being hurt so many times. I, also, had a best friend for 8 years who had been in a program for addiction for 20 years and relapsed 2 years ago. I haven’t heard from her since. No calls. No explanation. Only two years later did I find out the reason for her disappearance. So, maybe forgiveness can happen for me, but relationship may never be regained. This, however, doesn’t mean that this accused person or addict can’t find new friends and establish better boundaries in the future. I’m just not going to be one of those friends.

I have seen relapses happen over and over again. I don’t know what makes a person break, but sometimes, he or she can’t deal with the challenges of every day life and goes back to numbing the mind with drugs or alcohol. I don’t like it, but with addiction, unless you are working the steps of rehabilitation, daily, the chance of falling off of the wagon always exists. Maybe this is why an infamous verdict has to be passed down, occasionally. If one’s actions, at one point in his life, can cause such a disenfranchisement, perhaps living with the verdict daily will keep this person on the straight and narrow, living in the present, with a new and redeemed life. This is certainly my hope.

If you live with a tainted past, I want you to know that even though people you have hurt may not be able to forgive you completely, this doesn’t mean that you are inherently bad or that God doesn’t see you as completely pure. Other people’s judgment has nothing to do with you, really. Your responsibility, if you have already asked for forgiveness, is to prove to yourself that you are made of good, by always seeking a better life, better habits, and different friends for yourself. Though you may fall, and almost all of us do, get back up and try again!


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