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Blithely Written: Commensurately Read

Blithely Written; Commensurately Read

         I live life mostly organically—not so much with food as with thought and action. What I feel you can see from ten miles away on my face. What I know to be true, you can be sure I’ll act on 99% of the time. (I’m no saint.) But one thing is absolutely sure, when I sit at the computer to write this blog, and I’m not exactly sure what to write or am not fully passionate about it, the number of readers drops from around 31,000 about 40%. Yes, you are in a growing number of Bo’s blog readers. And keep sharing, because it obviously is working.

I don’t know if many of you know that what I did when I first came to Nashville was teach vocal lessons. I still have a few select people I teach. (Smile if you’re one of them.) I had been a vocal coach since I was 18. So I have been doing this for… let’s see 52 – 18 years old = 100 years.

One thing I stress with every singer I teach is that very few people are interested in whether or not you have a pretty voice. More people value being able to hear the passion in your heart. That is something to strive for. To do that, you have to be completely resigned to letting go of all the muscles restricting your voice from the chest to the neck, which is your fifth chakra.  (For people who don’t know about chakras, check out some links to other of my blogs about chakras.)

The fifth chakra is where you are able to communicate your truth. So, if this part of your body is tight (your throat), then you can’t say what you believe or feel. In singing, you can hear in a person’s cantor whether or not they are free there, because tightness causes flatness or sharpness in the timbre of the voice. It also causes a pinched sound, which doesn’t make us want to listen for more than a minute.

However, when someone sings from his/her gut, it goes right to our hearts. This kind of passionate singing makes for a great artist, whether it’s beautiful or raspy.

As for everyday life, tightness in the throat chakra can contribute to not being able to say how you feel or never speaking up for yourself. If this is you, you can help that problem with some simple voice lessons, even if you’re not a singer or ever plan to be. Freeing your voice IS freeing your passion.

Passion can be heard from the rooftops if you let your soul go there. I dream of the day that my life can be so full of passion that every move I make will cause the entire world to shift slightly toward peace and love and joy and happiness. Wouldn’t that be great?

Quantum Physicists know that every change we make in our own lives effects the entire world, perhaps minutely or maybe even on a grand scale. So, grand movements forward, mean a better future for everyone. Just think about it, if just one strong step forward with one person can effect an entire world, what can an entire nation of people stepping forward do to effect the world?

I think that happened after the election. When I watched President Obama’s and Gov. Romney’s speeches, both seemed to be on the same page: MOVE FORWARD—DON’T LET THIS ELECTION STOP YOU FROM YOUR GAME PLAN—WORK WITH EACH OTHER.  There was nothing more inspiring than hearing Pres. Obama say he was looking forward to getting together with Mitt Romney to hear his ideas. I thought that moment was conciliatory and a loving choice for the entire nation. These are the kinds of words we need to be hearing from our leaders.

And of course, I cried when President Obama mentioned that we have to be mindful of all people, race, gender or sexuality. That blew me away. I don’t think any president in history has been so bold. And his words rang from the hilltops and touched hearts of people who felt downtrodden and hurt and not heard ever, I’m absolutely sure.

I know in that moment, I felt the pulse of the earth change. If other countries were watching, as I suspect they were, they will rise to the challenge of treating all people fairly in their countries as well. It all starts with a seed of passion.

Passion is great! Let’s all dig deeper in our lives and try to find what really makes our hearts and minds rise to the occasion and sing to the pleasures of our souls!


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Misplaced Trust or Just Blind Prejudice

Misplaced Trust or Just Blind Prejudice!

         I usually never write about politics, but this issue seems more about saving souls from themselves and a lack of faith in an entire community. It is on my mind, so I thought I’d attempt a blog about it to try and make sense of something that seems senseless.

A Tennessee Republican congressman won re-election on Tuesday overcoming revelations that he once had an affair with a patient and urged her to get an abortion, though he strongly supports anti-abortion politically.

Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a physician, beat Democratic challenger on Tuesday with a 57% lead. Dr. DesJarlais largely withdrew from public sight a month ago after this news emerged. His campaign used a heavy rotation of TV ads to link Stewart to President Barack Obama, an unpopular figure in the conservative 4th District, while Stewart simple played ads that were television news anchors reporting about the unjust acts of a Representative of Congress supporting anti-abortion.

So, we can basically say that Scott Desjarlais won because he was a Republican, not because he was a credible politician. Tapes of the allegations were aired on television. There was no question he was guilty in anyone’s mind.

Except, a conservative 4th District didn’t want to listen to anything that refuted a person who was in their party, even if it was absolutely true and was against the truths for which they voted him to office.

This, to me, was the most blatant disregard for organic soul truth I have ever seen in my life in an entire community of people. It is so blatantly ugly that it frightened me—kept me awake half the night.

In my mind, it would take bold anger against Democrats in general and a lack of communication with your heart and with God to put a check mark by a man who lies and cheats as he did.

I am honestly asking any of my readers to tell me, if they voted for him, please let me know why. (You can do it by email. I won’t out you. I promise.) I need to understand what would allow someone to do this. Maybe I’m not seeing something that you clearly see.

I think Spirit is actually helping me see a vision of why, or at least a reason. I’m seeing entire cultures like India who mistreat women because of what they believe to be true, despite, maybe, what they know in their hearts. I mean, every child had to be raised by a loving mother. And yet, the son becomes this patriarchal demigod who rules over women because of the culture.

I see that it would take much clarity and a slow moving drive of compassionate men in the community to gestate toward change. Perhaps, this is the kind of subculture in the south we are dealing with here.

When we drive 30 miles in any direction from the city of Nashville, we do get into the heartland of the state, where strong ideals and different cultures haven’t been introduced into small communities. Thank God for television’s influence on these subcultures, especially on the children of these subcultures, for we would completely dismantled as a United front if most of our countries suburbs and small towns didn’t have children growing up with the strong influence of Facebook and Twitter and television, where they can tap into the commonality of the people in the larger cities and know there are all kinds of different people they can identify with, should they choose to.

When you hear the demographics of where politics are going, in four years, so many more of these younger, socially awake thinkers, will be voting, and so many more of the older, staunch Americans who can’t let go of their age-old prejudices will be passing on. This makes the future look a lot less grim.

I’m thankful for this blog to discuss my struggles and my truths with you. I hope you can share your thoughts with me today, as well.


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