For the past three days, I have had to focus all of my attention on one thing: becoming a character in a movie who was nothing like me. He was a machismo, puritanical, Latin father with a 17-year old daughter. Because I’m not allowed to disclose the story line before the movie’s release, I can only say that some days during the shoot I had to create the same scenario over in my mind, speak the same exact lines, 10-15 times, and cry at the exact moment over and over again.

In my normal everyday life, my attention usually is divided into many places during a day. I have many irons in the fire for so many parts of my life. However, on this day, I could do nothing but focus on the moment.

Between scenes, I took a few moments to walk around outside the set, just to experience the Earth-balance, while the technicians set up the lights and sound. But, the time for these quiet moments would be interrupted with: “Bo, you’re needed on set!”

All this to say, that the days flew by. Usually, I eat at 7 am, and then I’m hungry by 11:30 am. It was 1:30-2 pm on the first day of the shoot, before I had the opportunity to eat lunch. I never got hungry before the moment we broke to eat. I didn’t even know that the kitchen was filled with unhealthy snacks the entire time. Grips and ADs kept asking me if I needed anything. The only thing I asked for was water.

I usually have to have 3 or 4 things going on at the same time so that I don’t get bored on normal days. But, within these 3 days, I was completely in the NOW. When I would get home, I would take a quick swim, go in the jacuzzi, then I would sleep like a baby for 9-11 hours, which I never do. The next morning I would wake up rested and ready, never weary.

As I look back at the spiritual lessons that I experienced during this shoot, I see that the angels were sharing with me the importance of focusing all of my Spiritual energy for the moment, especially when I need the divine power of God to be brilliant—when I want my light to shine the brightest. This doesn’t mean to be unauthentic, as nothing in me tried to be anything but real during those 3 days.

I simply was “on-call” for when I was needed; as I believe we are to be for the spiritual forces on this Earth—to help those who are falling backward into negative egotism and narcissistic ways.

At one point during the film, I was to fall back on the floor. This was to be staged to look as if I was falling directly on my back. However, the producer was there to stand behind me so that when I fell back, he would catch me. During the first rehearsal, I misunderstood what I was supposed to do and fell back hard, knowing with certainty that the producer would catch me. He did not!

I fell back on my neck and shoulder and was in immediate pain. Although I was in the moment, I was using my own ego to devise the outcome. I didn’t listen closely to the direction of spirit (the director). As a result, I got hurt.

I rested for a moment on a bed and simply prayed that I would not feel any pain. I needed to do about 10 more takes with me doing a very acrobatic and comedic take that required all of this 57-year-old’s energy. Again, I go back to staying in the now. I used whatever I was feeling physically to help the scene appear more real. Whenever I got home, I iced my body, got a massage, and the next day I was perfectly fine. There were no signs of the stinging moment of falling from the day before.

As I sit here writing this blog, I can clearly see that the past 3 days were so fleeting that I can barely remember the details. I simply know that I had brought all of my best to the moment. The rest is up to spirit and the nurturing of God to grow what I have planted into the fertile ground of my life.

This is the spiritual metaphor I live by. I can plant the seeds in my life, but only Spirit (God) can actually grow the plant!

We must live our lives like my past three days; especially, when we are called out for a moment that requires us to be way more than we can perceive we are. Fear never has a place in the now. Fear can not exist unless we let our mind float away from this perfect moment.


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