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Health and Peace: Must They Coexist? #spiritualadvice #DivineMind #ScienceofMind #SpiritualLiving

Can we have physical health without having peace of mind? This is the question of the age, as many people try every new holistic cure, hoping to create a healthier body and ultimately a longer life. One thing we always realize, though, even as medications of all kinds help us; the healthier we become, the more we realize that our attitude about our health and about life, in general, plays a more important part of our total wellbeing than we had realized.

Ernest Holmes says in The Science of Mind:

We should have no objection to any form of healing, for anything that helps to overcome suffering is good, whether it be a pill or a prayer. We believe in any method which produces results, for each has its place in the Whole.

But, he goes on to say that no amount of pills or treatment will continue to work effectively if the person being treated does not find spiritual awareness and peace. Our connection with God is what sustains wholeness. When we begin to understand God and the Universe, our own lives become a mirror of our spiritual destiny—which is PEACE.

I used to work in Biofeedback at a hospital, helping people gain relaxation for surgery, to relieve stress, and to gain much needed physical awareness. While working in this modality, I noticed that to attain the highest level of mental and physical peace, you had to pay particular attention to your breath. For me, to get the machine to register a continual state of calm, I had to breathe in for 6 seconds and exhale for 6 seconds. This was the only way I could convince my body—alas, the computer—that I was okay and at peace. I spent many hours figuring out this process, before I began administering the treatment to anyone. But, what exactly did I discover?

  1. When you focus entirely on your breath, you concentrate on the one thing in the Universe that you can control—YOU!
  2. When you inhale for a particular amount of seconds and then exhale for the same amount of time, you create balance in the body. This will lower your blood pressure almost immediately. I have seen patient’s blood pressure lower 20 points in 3-5 minutes of biofeedback.
  3. When all of your attention is on your breath, you are completely in the present moment—THE NOW.
  4. When you are in the NOW and okay with the present, you automatically attain peace of mind.

So, in those moments of understanding of my own peace of mind, which is known as LUCID AWARENESS, I discovered my personal pathway to peace, even in the midst of chaos. This pathway is so important, because we all live in a world that doles out suffering and bad news every second of every day. We must memorize this pathway and come back to our Lucid Awareness to be at peace and create any sense of wholeness within.


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Consciousness—The Power of Change!

If I told you that the power of change is completely in your hands, every day, every hour, every moment, would you seek the practice that would afford you that power?

Every time you think about something that you would like to do or change in your life, you create a spontaneous sowing of seeds into universal thought. If you dismiss the thought and forget about it completely, the seeds die from malnutrition. If you continue to think about the dream, add fuel to it by imagining the scenario with smell, taste, color, and shape, you infuse the thought or seeds with energy. The longer the thought exists, the more energy goes forth into creating matter from energy—whether negative or positive.

When you practice meditation, you learn to move from the cerebral nonsense of the reptilian brain to the frontal cortex of the brain, where you can become an observer of your own life and mind. In this omniscient position, you have more power in making change to the very things that have plagued you your entire life.

It is the difference between standing in the water beneath a bridge and flailing your arms and crying out for help and watching from above on the bridge and being able to call for external help. The placement of your consciousness is key to making any kind of change or creating any good or bad in your life. The practice to create such change is meditation.

Meditation is as old as the Ayurvedic tradition, where yoga was initially practiced. From yoga came the idea of yoking the energy of the mind, body and spirit. The Ayurvedic tradition believed that we all were made of pure God. By doing exercises and stretches (the asana), we could feel the presence of God in our bodies. By focusing on breath exercises (pranayama), we could feel the presence of God in the force that enlivens the body—the breath or the prana. Then by releasing control of both the body and the breath, we allow the mind to exist autonomously. In this practice—meditation or nidra—we find a quietness and a place of spiritual communication that exists only in pictures. The chatter in the mind stops and the mind focuses on expressing in an awakened dream state.

Most spiritual believers seek to find this utopia or nirvana in the human body during meditation or prayer. This practice increases the ability to sit with your emotions, change beliefs, and also create new thought where old beliefs existed.

Even in traditional medicine, proof from studies of human behavior with addiction, psychologists have proven that a spiritual belief system may the only hope of moving from an addictive state to normalcy. Most doctors also believe that prayer or meditation can also quicken the body’s healing mechanisms, by reducing stress and increasing the vital oxygen and rest the body needs to heal itself.

As a biofeedback specialist at a local hospital, I saw time and time again the ability to change stress levels and blood pressure levels just by focusing on controlling the breath. When the mind controls the body, and the spirit controls the mind, the entire body falls into homeostasis. All is right and well with mind and body when the spirit is strong and practiced.

Meditation is the key.

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