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How Do You Know if You Are Standing in the Shadow of Someone Else’s Light? #CarlJung #spiritualadvice #spirituality #SOM #natureoflove

“Maybe the only thing each of us can see is our own shadow,” Carl Jung said, referring to shadow work in his psychological studies. Jung said we never see each other. Instead, we see only aspects of ourselves that fall over each other. Shadows. Projections. Our associations.

If what Jung says is true, then we aren’t standing in someone else’s shadow, we are standing in our own. And… the only way to get out of your own shadow is to turn towards the light.

So, in any given moment, the light of the sun only shines in one direction. If we face the sun, we are out of the way of our own shadow. If we turn to look away from the light, then the sun casts a shadow on everything we see.

Almost always, when we speak of light and shadows in prose, psychology, and even in spirituality, these are metaphors for Truth and the Past. In A Course in Miracles, we discover that every thing tangible is almost impossible to see without superimposing our old beliefs and thoughts on any given object. For example, when we see something for the first time, such as a chair, we see “with it” all the chairs we have ever experienced before.

The possibility of seeing that chair as something divinely unique and never experienced before would only happen if we erased the shadows of the past and all of the events that shaped our consciousness. Given these facts, the only way to see the truth and to see an unfettered future is to look away from the past, out from the shadows, and into the Light.

In this metaphor, the Light is the Law of Love or Spiritual Source, which is the foundation of the universe. You may wonder how you can tell the difference between facing the truth and turning away from it. Some people who are new to spirituality may not understand the difference. When you face the light or the truth, everything authentic in you rises! You see beauty, your flaws, and judge neither.

However, when you are in the shadows of the light, you see your flaws, the flaws of everyone around you, and you stand in judgment of all! The difference brings one either anxiety or peace. The choice to stay out of the shadow and enjoy peace seems simple, but most of us have held on to our anxiety for so long that we are afraid to let go. If we do, our fear is that we will also let go of our own identities. When in truth, letting go of an identity linked completely to anxiety would benefit you. Starting over and being able to make peaceful and loving choices would be a perfect new start for anyone. I would like to think that I begin each new day with this idea. Throw away the old and start fresh, everyday!

Today, simply try to imagine that you see all things anew. You wake up and taste your coffee. Close your eyes and taste something different. Use your imagination. Get dressed and wear something you haven’t worn before or in a different way. Part you hair in a different place. Quit living your life in the same way every day! Just this simple exercise will pull you out of your trance long enough to begin to see life outside of the shadows of the past.

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Who’s Your Daddy? #fathersday, #father #dads #self-esteem

Many people joke about being arrested and the gay behavior or mistreatment that follows, as straight inmates tend to take “not so straight men” as their bitches, leading me to my title today. I had a recurring dream last night that I was being arrested for something I didn’t do. In the dream I was riding a bicycle through my old neighborhood where I grew up. Where there used to be a park adjacent to St. Philomena’s Catholic church, I began to ride my bicycle onto the pavement of the park. As I entered a gated area, I noticed that everyone in the park was in the middle of a baseball game. All men—burly, masculine men—stared at me, as if I didn’t belong there. Suddenly, I saw the signs on the fence: Police Academy, PRIVATE PROPERTY. I apologized with a grandiose “sorry” and quickly exited. But, to my dismay, one man who looked at me with hateful eyes, arrested me. When I got to the booking area, I was told that I had many priors and was being held because of suspicious behavior.

I searched my pocket for my IPhone to call the meanest and harshest lawyer friend I knew. Before she could arrive, I was led back to a cell, kicking and yelling. That’s when the dream ended. Before my father died, he told me that I was to carry his mantle, somewhat like “Joseph, and the Amazing Colored Dream Coat.” He said, “Now, it’s your turn to take care of your mother and four sisters!” My father didn’t ask me to begin this journey of responsibility. He simply gave it to me. Sure enough, after his death, I began to pick up the pieces of many lives in my family, including nieces and nephews, just as my father would have. So, who is wishing me a Happy Father’s Day? No one, actually, even though I have been surrogate dad for 11 years now.

As a student of Jung, I look at my dream as an archetype of my life. Each character in the dream represents a part of me. As symbolic of this dream-analyzing theory, I devised the epic dream in my mind to depict all different aspects of myself. (This is one way to look at the disturbing dream.) If this is the case, then not only do I feel judged for something I’m not responsible for, but I also feel as if I’m judging myself just as harshly as the world, perhaps, even harsher—as the picture of the hateful policeman.

One aspect of the dream I noticed was that I called for help and help didn’t arrive in time. Another aspect of this dream could be that I see the helper—God figure—as a mean and vengeful person who exacts revenge and also exonerates the accused. But, in my dream, no God arrived in time. I find this part of my dream to be the most interesting. I know that I have even shared with some friends lately that I feel Spirit God is purposely keeping me waiting for the sale of my house, because of some lesson that must learned before I leave for Florida. The dream certainly would parallel that truth in my own heart.

As for Daddy’s everywhere, I hope you are not the archetype of the judgmental men in my dream. I’m happy about this day that honors fathers. A father, in today’s harsh world, takes a valiant man, willing to watch a child fall down many times and learn hard lessons. Being a compassionate father, takes learning to let the world and spirit teach the hardest lessons to your child, and to keep your arms wide open for when your child realizes his/her mistakes. If this were the case in most families, we would have a lot less children hating parents and many more great Father Archetypes. Happy Father’s Day.

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I Haven’t Even Started Yet

I Haven’t Even Started Yet

I went to a Spiritual Friends group meeting today that meets once every second Monday. (You can find it on Facebook searching: Second Monday Spiritual Friends Network, if interested.) The group is filled with therapists, ministers, practitioners, and people who use healing modalities as their life work.

I sat with four people I didn’t know, which is unusual for me. They were all Jungian Psychiatrists, therapists, and life coaches. I certainly I had heard of Carl Jung, but I didn’t know a great deal about who he was and the foundation of his therapeutic work.

It happened that the talk today was on Jungian Psychology, which is why a few new people showed up to listen. We learned about something called “The Big Red Book.” I had definitely never heard of the book, which was first published in 2009. It is a publication of Jung’s diaries and drawings from 1913-1922, I believe.

Carl Jung was the first to talk about how dreams tell of our subconscious mind and used this information for cognitive therapy. He talked of things like “our shadow self” and “the anima and animus,” which is the feminine and masculine subconscious. He introduced our inner child. He talked of metaphor and a larger consciousness than the ego self. And he first spoke of what we now generally know as a collective consciousness.

I have spent many hours writing to you about a state of consciousness that is very telling of our psychological state—our compassionate observer self. When we are in this place, not only do we have a special point of view that sits outside of the ego, but many believe we also share a state of consciousness with all other beings in this place called the “collective consciousness.” This is how we can, perhaps, know when someone is about to telephone us, or we get information about the future before it happens. All of this information is said to be in this collective consciousness for all to share.

So, this being said, you don’t have to have a special gift to be blessed with ESP. You simply have to be practiced in the art of getting completely out of your ego self and into the subconscious observer self. The longer you spend time in this meditative place, the more aware you become of things you may never have been concerned about before in your life.

I entitled this blog, “I haven’t even started yet” because what I am beginning to understand is that, my work, and the work of the people that re around me is to collect the people that are on this path. We are about teaching people the way to consciousness that can protect us from any harm that may be coming our way in the future by projecting information into this collective consciousness for us to hear.

If you have been meditating and have a clear understanding of what may happen in the future (even if it is on a subconscious level), you will be more apt to avoid what will harm you. Maybe this is the way Spirit is preparing us for a time when the world is prone to more corruption and cataclysmic earth changes of all kinds. This collective consciousness my be how we get protected from harm in the future—a pipeline, perhaps, for things to avoid. Who knows? But it certainly could be a viable possibility.

When I lived in New York and had a dream of a plane crashing into a building marked 666, this would have been explained by Carl Jung as a collective consciousness moment. I moved from NYC the next year subconsciously because of that dream. I had no idea that the dream would actually come true. But something in my heart led me away from what may have killed my partner had we stayed, who was working in the World Trade Center at that time.

I believe with all my heart that Spirit is trying to build a clear perceptive pathway for each us to communicate with this collective consciousness. It is time for you and I to get on board and learn to use that 90% of our brain that is not being used, perhaps, just for this reason and this reason alone.

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