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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Change Your Mind; Change Your Body

How Many Carbs Can You Handle without Getting a Love Handle?

Okay, last night was one of those nights that started off at dinner time with the wrong choices; albeit they were in the hands of someone else. I was fed a fatty pork chop, French fries, a salad (hurray) and some veggies with a piece of cheesecake for dessert. Immediately, I started to dissect the pork and got every piece of lean meat off of it. While no one was watching, I slipped the fatty parts to the dog. After dinner, my partner coaxed me to go to Wendy’s because his stomach was upset. He said the only thing that would settle it was a Frosty. Well, I thought, a small frosty won’t hurt. So, I muddled around Homo Depot while sipping on a frosty.

After I got home, it was cheese and crackers by the TV to “America’s Got Talent,” sitting on my lazy ars. Did I try to do any exercises to balance the carb overload? No!

So, is it any wonder that I gained 2.5 lbs in one day? No, it is not any wonder. It is pure science, my friend. I know it, and you know it.

You just can’t put that kind of food in your body, with that amount of sugar and fat—not exercise—and expect to be thin.

Fortunately, I have a resilient body. I’m going to yoga this morning and have a plan to get at least 1.5 lbs off today. It may take the entire week to get the rest of it off. Fat “don’t” come off easy, as you well know. So, these lazy mistakes we make, come at a big cost. If we keep making them, unfortunately, we keep getting bigger and bigger until, one day, we get a heart attack and complications all over the place because of morbid obesity.

I’ve seen the worst cases in my practice with people 200 lbs. and more over their suggested weight. No one wants to tackle that kind of weight loss. It’s daunting. You get 30 lbs. off and begin to think that there is no end to the struggle. Then you go on a binge and gain it all back in a week. Then it’s even harder to get it off, because initially, it took three months to get the 30 lbs off in a healthy way.

Losing weight is a complex and mentally challenging step for anyone to have to take who is overweight. But how important is it, when your life is at stake?

The most important challenge are life changing steps that will effect every meal and every day of your life… not just the diet time. You have to look at everything you eat, the amount you eat, and challenge yourself—in your mind—to see if these steps are right for you. Your body will let you know.

If your mind is leading you down the wrong path, then it is definitely time to get some help. Changing your mind is the key! Change your mind; change your body. Change your mind; change your life!

Get on board and stop eating your life away today.


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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Your body is a mirror for what happens in your mind and spirit. If you change your mind, your body will soon follow along. That being said, if you body is sick, it may be because you have some sick thoughts that need to be dealt with. (I’m going to say right off, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every sickness has this correlation, but it’s worth a good look.)

The spirit body has energy centers in the human body called Chakras. Each chakra gives spiritual energy to the human body, regulated by the human mind. Think of it as a spiritual bank account you’re giving enough energy to, to support bills you have to pay.

For example, your stomach area is a chakra that is responsible for your relationship to self (self-esteem, self-care, habits, weight gain, smoking, addictions like alcohol). If you have issues with bad self-esteem, use addictions to cover your sad feelings, then you are probably supporting a large stomach. Maybe you will soon find yourself losing so much energy from that chakra that you will have intestinal problems and stomach problems as well.

You only get a certain amount of energy a day to invest in that account. If you use it wisely, you will support your energy system. If you carelessly use it, it will be depleted and zap the energy from your physical body and cause sickness, because everyone needs energy to survive. So, the support system from the spirit/mind/body is manipulated to the energy sucking side. The metaphor where the mind is now thinking bad thoughts and the body is proving the thoughts are correct are in place. You are now a picture of “what you sow, you shall reap.”

There is a perfect paradigm in the Universe. If you work the spiritual and mental places to your benefit, your body will be healthier and you’ll be led to caregiving that will help you deal with problems that, perhaps, you have had your entire life due to predisposed issues from genetics, as well.

A healthy spirit and a healthy mind, usually means you are on your way to a healthy body. This may not always be true. But for the most part, actively trying to create balance in your mind and body is a great thing to achieve.


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