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Boldness: How Do You Become Bolder?

I have definitely noticed that I have a lot less fear since I have gotten older. A essential reason exist for this change. When you some becomes older and actually faces the past anxieties, you move through fear in a completely different way in the present.

For instance, with certainty in this moment I know that I am:

  1. Sharing in the One Universal Mind
  2. I am always blessed, because I am made in the image of Spirit God
  3. I am always surrounded by angels who aid me in my human and spiritual issues
  4. I always have the ability to co-create in this universe and change my current situations, or at least I can change how I view or perceive the current situation
  5. With this ability to co-create, I am able to change the course of actions in my life; and in certain situations change the conditional situation in my world.

With this deep knowing, I am able to coerce any negative thoughts in my mind to believe what my heart and my consciousness knows with certainty. When I do this, I can face any challenge in the world. This takes a certain understanding of what is called the Observer Mind.

We know that there is only One Mind. We are all a part of that mind. However there are many diverse individual brains out there with many diverse programs operating in those brains.

The brain is an individual organ in each human body that is either programmed with positivity or negativity or a mixture of both. For instance, if you were an abused child, you can be assured that the neural pathways directing your thoughts will be eschewed from someone who has not been abused. This is science, not spirituality. This is the reason people who have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) feel as if they cannot change the organic process of their mind. The PTSD thought hits the frontal cortex of the brain before our reasoning mind has a chance to change the thought.

So, we must become a Scientist of our own Minds to make the shift. For this reason, we learn ways to access the voice inside that programs the thoughts during deep, healing meditations and in clinical hypnosis. We can and will change and assert new neural pathways, forging new and more positive thoughts in each human mind as we become more aware of our creative power.

You may have times in your life when you feel inadequate. Who doesn’t? In these moments you must access your truth. To simply speak any truth (usually in the form of affirmations) from the observer self to the physical self or the programmed mind seems like a challenge, especially if you have not experienced the observer mind.

I know this all sounds like a challenge, too technical, and maybe even like malarkey, but the process has been proven to work for millions in hypnosis where we often use the Observer Mind to speak to and communicate to the Physical Brain and the subconscious.

The brain is a part of your human self, a part of your human housing. You are a Spirit that is temporarily housed in a human shell. As a result of this knowledge you can change the trajectory of your life. I know this to be true, because I have done it and watched many others change horrible situations into power blessings by changing the neural triggers in the brain. (Notice I do not associate the brain with the Mind. They are two separate, but symbiotic, realities.)

I have been a hypnotherapist for 28 years. I have seen obese people become thin; smokers become adamant nonsmokers, people with sleep problems enjoy sleep, people who have had relationship problems learn to deal with the relationship with themselves and, in turn, fix the relationship issues in their lives, and the sick become healed. Anything is possible when you understand the basic truths of the universe!

Today, simply focus on one initial truth. Speak this to yourself out loud, if you can, and as you do so, pinch the space between your thumb and forefinger. This will cause a physical trigger to be connected to this thought:

There is only one mind and I am a part of that loving and creative energy.

This entire process is explained in my book: “Your New Story, Your New Life” The Metaphysical Mind.

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Catastrophization! #newoutlook #changeyourmind #psychology #anxiety

When you view or present a situation as considerably worse than it actually is, you enter into an immediate state of anxiety. I refer to this state as—CATASTROPHIZATION! The reason anyone turns something small into a dramatic situation is either he/she wants to attract attention to him/herself or he/she does not want to identify with the present moment. Let’s consider the second.

If you are one of these people who identifies with catastrophization, the question you might ask yourself is: What thing, person, or situation in this present moment is too frightening to face?

I remember a time in my life when I felt as if I carried the weight of the world and everyone around me on my shoulders. I actually took responsibility for everything going on in the lives of those closest to me and at work. This kept my mind off of my own problems and the possible solutions to make my life better. But it also caused me to be more reactive to any small situations that arose in my life. I had a lot of “poor-me’s” happening in life. Each time I put my own problems on the backburner, the poor-me’s became exponential.

I resented the moment, because I had no good perspective. When my attention was on other people and the large catastrophes of the world, I couldn’t begin to look at the small things in my own life. In fact, I even thought it selfish to begin to clean up my life, when so many horrible things were going on around me. Wouldn’t it be more important to stay focused on tonight’s evening news, instead of making a list of things I need to accomplish to clear my head?

The truth is: Your head is never clear, because you’re afraid that old thoughts and beliefs will return to your mind and send you into a tailspin, thoughts of failure, thoughts of lack, and thoughts of sickness. So, you don’t look and hope like hell that it all goes away.

These are the times, my dear friend, that you need to accept the counsel of someone who can help you sort through your catastrophised fears and turn them into palatable, workable, functioning problems that have answers. I know this to be true for my life. And I’m certainly seeing that if you take the steps to turn from the drama in your life and be real, today, you will clear you mind and release from your own catastrophization!

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Midnight at the House of Someone Hungry (A Look at Dieting)

Midnight at the House of Someone Hungry (A Look at Dieting)

My eyes popped open at five minutes to midnight again. All I could think about was eating. The 3 carrot sticks, 4 celery sticks and ½ piece of low fat cheese I ate at 7 pm for a snack was rumbling around in my stomach like a boiling stew. I felt so hungry—more hungry than sleepy.

My wife was snoring next to me. She didn’t notice me getting out of bed. I snuck to the kitchen. My God, it had been days since I had been alone with food. I felt as if I would bust down the doors of every cupboard, trying to find the quickest fix I could: sugar, salty snacks, carbs—I didn’t care.

I started with some cookies. Before I realized it, I had wiped out two entire rows of Oreos and had drunk a quart of milk. I knew I should stop. But then that thing happens to me where I have to have something salty after I eat something sweet.

I spotted a bag of unopened potato chips on top of the refrigerator. I ripped into them, thinking the entire time of my innocence story I would need the next day when my wife saw the 1/2 empty bag. Then I thought maybe if I ate all the chips, took the bag to garbage can outside and threw it away, maybe she would forget she bought them completely. That’s what I did, as I licked the last bit of salt off of my fingers.

I washed my hands and face in the downstairs bathroom before heading back up to bed. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see the extra fat under my chin I wanted so badly to get rid of. I wanted to rip it off right there. I swear, I almost cried. Why can’t I stop eating? What’s wrong with me?

With my head down and ashamed, I went back to the bed. When I turned the covers over my shoulder, my wife wrapped her arm around me. “You okay, honey?” she whispered.

I didn’t answer. I just grabbed her tighter. I feared if I started to tell her what was wrong, I would really break down. I knew I would be better in the morning. I’m good at talking myself down. I can get up and know it’s a new day and that I have a wonderful family who loves me. It doesn’t matter how I look. I can convince myself that. I can convince myself that… until I stand on the scale. Then I’m sad all over again.

When did this start? When did I start hating myself so much that all I care about doing is hiding behind food?

When did every emotion get stuffed down with a piece of cake or a hoagie?

Must have been a long time ago.

A time I don’t want to think about.

I guess that’s why I’m here.

Right here.

Standing on the scale.



* * *

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