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When You Are Inundated by Negatives!

Recently, my husband and I have realigned ourselves with our spiritual practice and have made a deeper commitment to Spiritual growth—in general—and to each other.

The day after this commitment, we both felt an immediate shift in our surrounding energy. This feeling continued for the next two days. Even though we continued in our daily practices, no matter what was going on negatively in our lives, some kind of distortion was happening to us and around us.

When you let go of something negative in your life, the spiritual detachment causes a release of negative energy into the ether. This, in turn, causes a distortion or a depolarization of the energy surrounding you.

I have discussed this postulation with some of my spiritual friends. Most agree that some kind of spiritual interference happens when ones makes a spiritual advancement or has made an important decision in life.

The expectation for Daddy to pat you on the back and say, “Great job, my child!” is actually the exact opposite of what happens in this case. Negativity doesn’t happen because all of heaven isn’t rejoicing over your positive steps forward. This negativity happens simply because the pull of negative power has shifted from within and is moving from you, affecting the energetic field in your body and in your surroundings.

A few days later, I feel more positive and surrounded by love. However, I have to tell you, in the past few days I wanted to get in my meditation chair and retreat there forever.

I hope this encourages someone who is going through a major positive change or choice in life. Don’t expect for good to happen immediately, even though it may. Sometimes, however, the negative distortion puts up a battle to stay its course and retain its home within your mind, your story and in your life!



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I had one letter to mail. In these days of Internet, e-mail, and Facebook, I do not find myself using the post office much, especially to mail just one letter.

I had twenty minutes before my next client, so I went on the ten-minute ride to our local post office. When I got there, an elderly pastor from the Unity church, whom I had not seen in four years, walked out of the building. I knew in that moment that I was supposed to be in that parking lot for this divine appointment. This woman is spiritual power exemplified.

I remained in my car on my cell phone, trying to quickly end a phone call before my minister friend drove away. I rushed to her automobile and knocked on the window.

She said with a southern accent, “Why, is that you, Bo Sebastian? Goodness sakes alive, age sure does suit you well.”

She got out of her car and gave me a big hug. Immediately, she remarked, “Well, I never use this post office. But, today, I needed a money order, which I also never need, so I felt led to come here.”

I admitted, “I believe the reason was so that you and I could meet.” I told her about my upcoming move from Nashville to Florida and how difficult it had become to sell my home. I shared that the transition was making my spirit fearful. Doubt had set in.

She said with the voice of a New Thought Pentecostal, “You know, Bo, fear is just like not believing or trusting in God! Our Lord in heaven wants abundance for all his beautiful children. It is as simple as that.” Then, without hesitation, she put her hands on my shoulders and started praying.

Afterwards, I could not get her words out of my mind: “Fear is like disbelief in God!” It was as if she had branded them to my heart. The entire next two hours, I kept repeating to myself, like a mantra, “Fear is like disbelief in God.” Her words were exactly what I needed to dismantle my fear and, ultimately, to sell my house.

My minister friend helped remind me that I simply cannot learn to have faith in God without the belief that I deserve all that I have, all that I will receive, and the reciprocity from all that I have given in the past. Any other way of thinking is simply contrary to the Law of God.

* * *

You will find that the more you meditate and resign to change, the more that synchronicity happens in your life. Answers to prayers come more easily. Problems get solved before they become too monumental to overcome.

A storehouse exists for you, no matter your background, belief, or religion. Spirit just waits for you to use your God bankcard to receive from heaven all of the prosperity that you need. Do not ever limit God with fear.

The Future Is Yours Now for the Taking

Our true story begins when we see the immensity and power of God, even if it is in your own imagination or in your thoughts. When you see Spirit, you will begin the journey of becoming as Spirit. When you become as Spirit manifesting on earth, you enter into the force field of Spirit. You also gain power as the offspring of Spirit. Doing the work of God will easily flow through you:

  • being compassionate,
  • healing the sick,
  • caring for the children and the elderly, and
  • helping others through hard times, are a few examples.

Continue with me in this series or go back to the beginning on this blog. You can also go to my books on Amazon, BoSebastian.com, my vegan blog or my YouTube Channel for meditations and further instruction.

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The Three Voices of Thoughts

I have been a trained clinical hypnotist for over twenty years. Because of this training directed to help people change old patterns in their lives, I see the thought process as having three distinct parts:

  1. The voice of the body, expressing as physical desires: pleasure, sensuality, lust, food cravings, fear, physical cravings, anxiety, thirst, fun, and some addictive behaviors;
  2. The voice of the deductive and inductive brain, expressing as the problem solver. Anything you do in life that requires your thinking brain uses the deductive 0r inductive brain; and
  3. The voice of the creative mind. This place in the Infinite Mind of God is available to all. This is where you meditate, create art, imagine, dream, and, most importantly, connect with Source. The Mind—NOT THE HUMAN BRAIN—is the creative substance from which we affect change in all areas of our lives.

Gaining a New Perspective

When you self-reflect, you must observe yourself as if you are another person looking at your own behavior and thoughts. The simplest way to do this successfully is through meditation.

When I mention meditation, most people immediately say to me, “I cannot do that. I’ve tried. My thoughts will not shut off.”

Fortunately, the definition of meditation is not STOPPING YOUR THOUGHTS, at all.

The definition for meditation, even to the adept master yogi is to rise above one’s own thoughts. This self-reflective part of your brain, in turn, becomes your Observer Mind.

Continue with me in this series or go back to the beginning on this blog. You can also go to my books on Amazon, BoSebastian.com, my vegan blog or my YouTube Channel for meditations and further instruction.

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