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Should You Ever Compromise Your Truth for the Greater Good? #compromising truth #spirituality #spiritualadvice #spiritualreality

I have a very dear, old friend whom I love a great deal. He has been reading one of my books. I would consider this friend enlightened, loving, compassionate and giving. He considers himself an Atheist. As he has been reading my book, he has been sharing with me about the parts that he feels puts him off about my writing. He, basically, believes all of the spiritual concepts I teach, but when I use words like—God, Jesus, pray to God, Trust in God, Believing in Creator—he shuts down and wants to close the book. The only reason why he has not shut the book and thrown it away (his words) is because he knows me and wants to help me understand how to communicate to an Atheist with more compassionately. He understands that I would never judge him or what he believes.

A few days ago, he finished the book and said, “I wish this book could be mandated for everyone in the world to read!” I was taken aback by those words, since I thought he was only reading it to appease me.

His comment led me to want to know more about what he enjoyed and what words would have stopped him from reading had he not known me. I wanted to reach further out of my own spiritual paradigm to the people who haven’t heard these concepts. Much to my surprise, anything that even resembled the word God or Jesus kind of slapped him in the face as dogma and fairly judgmental.

I talked to a few friends about this. They all suggested that I not compromise what I believe and how I teach it because of one person’s thoughts. However, I still took this lesson to my meditation and have been praying about this with my prayer partner.

My question today is about our Truth and how much we can bend without losing the concepts and framework of our faith that we hold dearly.

When I break this down for myself, I realize that everyone, no matter his or her belief, is made in the same image and shares the same race consciousness as I, whether I choose to believe it or not. Everything came from Source, and we are all headed back to source, which is the bases of Unity. This earth experience is just one of many journeys our souls will move through to gain understanding.

I quote the old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” I can understand that within this statement is a general rule of compassion and respect. I do not have to compromise what I am to conform to the lifestyles of the Romans. In fact, my belief of compassion would allow me to hold fast to love as the highest ideal, even if it meant changing my words or my clothing to respect those who invited me to their Roman home.

I also realized that I use this same concept almost every day in my Life Coaching business. I often bend my words and ideas to be compassionate to the person who is hurting and needs help from me. I’m the one with enough strength and love to look at the bigger picture and bend. I know that by using words that would help my client understand concepts, instead of forcing him or her to accept my words as truth is actually the highest call to love. So, I keep my intention, but change my words. Does it really matter if I’m helping someone?

Truth cannot be changed by words. It can, however, be rearranged and modified to help others move forward to a more enlightened path.


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Yesterday we talked about scenarios when closing the door to relationship would be appropriate. Today I would like to talk quite the opposite: the art of compromise.

Relationship has many facets, but the most important of those facets is trust and compromise.

Trust starts at the beginning with building a “branding” for your relationship. Such as: We are “a monogamous relationship, focused on our careers, building a small family, and hope to one day retire to Fiji.”

You establish something like a dream together that holds you like glue when inevitable trials come to greet you. Trust can be ruined when one of you reestablishes the branding without the permission of the other.

For instance, if one person has an affair while the other thinks the relationship is monogamous. If one person decides she no longer wants a family and other doesn’t. If one becomes an atheist while the other is completely steeped in Christianity and spirituality.

The branding has changed. The foundation has changed. Therefore, trust needs to be either reestablished with a new brand or you both need to go your separate ways with someone more apt to connect with your new outlook on life. I suppose this is the reason why many young relationships don’t work out. When we are in our teens and twenty, we go through many life-changing experiences that cause us to change our entire branding sometimes.

This is when compromise comes in.

I recently had a client who was having some real problems with her husband. He moved to Nashville to be with her from California, where they met on a business trip.

She is kind of a bi-coastal girl and was able to establish a healthy relationship with him on her monthly trips there. After a year, they decided to move to Nashville, because my client had taken on the daunting responsibility of taking care of her ailing father with cancer in his final days. She didn’t want to move him from his family. That seemed sensible. What was difficult was that her husband had to find a new job. It was an adventure, though, and he was looking forward to taking the time to find his dream position.

When he moved in, he didn’t realize how much time taking care of her father was going to consume and how little time they would have alone.  He also didn’t realize that a remission would happen and suddenly what looked like a few months of care would turn into maybe a few years.

The responsibility began to get under his skin. The healthier he got, my client’s partner’s father wanted to spend time with the couple all the time. I think you get the picture. No alone time!

This was beginning to cause major turmoil in the family. No one was saying exactly what was wrong. Everyone was blaming other people for their anxiety. But what was the honest truth behind all the problem was: the married couple needed and wanted to spend more quality time together ALONE.

Compromise came into play. They realized that the father didn’t really care about them being in the living room when he was watching television at night because he had his special show he watched which totally engrossed him. So they would go to the bedroom to have intimate time. But that felt stifling and closed in. Also, the living room was adjacent to the bedroom, and both of the felt as if they were being observed.

What they never thought of was that the father had an entire apartment that was not being used while he was in their living space. Why couldn’t the married couple just hang out in the father’s apartment when the father was using the living room where he bought the 2300 dollar television? It was the simplest of fixes, but no one thought of it, because everyone was too busy blaming each other.

Compromise can come in smaller places. You don’t really want to watch football with your husband, but you do, because you love him. You don’t really want to watch that Romantic Comedy with your wife, but you do, because you want to see what makes her happy and makes her tick. But even more importantly, you want to spend time with the person you love.

Compromise is important in relationship because it shows that you care about spending quality time with the one you love, no matter if it pleases you or not. The pleasing is in the self-sacrifice and the spending time together. Learn to enjoy the feeling of giving of yourself—not as a martyr would—but as a loving person would with an interest in his or her intimate partner. It’s wonderful and a God-given treasure.

I promise you, this will make a vast difference in your relationships, young and old.

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