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The Creative Field of Mind #creativemind

If we could get back to the power of a child’s mind, we would experience unlimited ability to manifest our Good.

Beyond all of our differences, outside of our language barriers, beneath our religious idiosyncrasies and individual laws, only one Creative Mind exists. This Mind encompasses all. When we learn to move into Creative Mind, we become co-Creators with the One Universal Power. For the beginner in metaphysics, this first paragraph sounds daunting. Undoubtedly, it holds great responsibility.

Becoming a co-Creator on this earth is your birthright. Accepting this responsibility is what separates the men from the boys, and the ladies from the girls. When you truly seek to become a responsible creator in this world, you take a running leap into the position that Spirit has been waiting for you to embrace your entire life.

Source created you in Its image, giving you the power to think and imagine. When you understand the magnitude of this power, you begin to see that this intellect you have, actually produces all effects in your life.

Thoughts move into an energy field. This energy field actually shapes your thoughts into matter by means of your intention. Let us call this field of energy—Divine Mind. This Divine Mind is Subjective to your creative thought.

Subjective means to be dependent on something.

Just as God’s thoughts—subsumed into the Subjective Mind—created the manifest universe in the large macrocosm of life; so too, it is the responsibility of man in the smaller microcosm of this earth plane to create using his or her thoughts, as well.

This same Subjective Mind field is actually shared by God and man. Made in the image of God, our thoughts are distinctively creative. We are mirror images of God in this aspect of creation.

What I would like for you to accomplish today is simple. Every time you imagine something—anything—know that your imagination holds unlimited power. So, if you feel yourself thinking negative thoughts, know that you are putting negative energy into this Subjective Field of Mind. If you think positive thoughts, you will manifest prosperity, love, peace, and all of the great fruits of the Spirit.

The above facts will help you avoid negative thinking. When you feel yourself creating a negative thought, simply change it, immediately. For example:

YOU THINK: I do not see any money coming into my bank account today or this week. I must be doing something wrong. I am never going to be smart enough, good enough, or bright enough to accomplish what I’ve set out to do!

YOU CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS TO: Source has unlimited resources all around me. All of life is sustained by this powerful Source. I am one as this Source, right now. This is truth. This is Law. Nothing can change this reality. So, prosperity is mine already. I am already on the pathway to good and right thinking, as I set my mind on this positive course of action.

As we change our minds, we change our lives.

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Living in the Positive with Mental Equivalents

When you take a breathtaking picture of a lovely sunset, you do not have to clench your fists and hope the picture comes out beautifully. More than anything, you must stay steady and focus the camera to take the beautiful shot. More than anything in your life, to allow your mental picture to become your reality, you must remain steady and focuses on what you create as your mental equivalent. 

What Is a Mental Equivalent?

When you desire to sow the seeds of prosperity, for example, in the Subjective Mind, you must have a definite idea of what you desire. Though definite in its quality and quantity, stay clear of exacts. For instance, you may want a beautiful home by the beach. Don’t create a mental equivalent of the exact house you want on the perfect street. This may take far longer to manifest than if you just focus on the beautiful, magnitude, and vista you desire. In this way, Spirit can use all of the tools in heaven to create even more than you have envisioned.

Mental Equivalents consist of the perfect template of your desire. “Something like this or better than…” is what I envision when I’m creating a thought or dream of what I want to create in Spirit.

I can assure you that everything I have set my mind on creating in the past 2-3 years, has come true. The possibilities of life are endless, but the probability of you having a life that you have envisioned are actually up to you. Your ability to envision your dream and stay focused no matter what you see in front of you is actually harder than it would appear.

The true fact about the exterior world is that it is an illusion. The negatives will always continue to come and try to get your trust to wane from the positive manifestation of your good. Why? Because if the negatives let you have everything you envision without testing your faith, then you will realize your own grande spiritual power. When you understand and realize that you are a Creator in God, as a child and portion of the Whole of Creation, then your power becomes a threat to anything negatives. (When light shines on darkness it disappears in the physical and in the spiritual in “understands it not”).

I’m not one who believes in negativity much. I’m one who realizes that our focus can retreat when old mental triggers come up. We can bring back the negative past on our own. We don’t need negative forces to do this for us.

However, I do believe that there are spiritual powers in heaven that try to keep us from our good. Perhaps they are there to strengthen us in the long run. I know I have felt as if I have fought off an army of negativity since I have begun my mental shift 3 years ago when I moved to Florida from Nashville.

I have believed for a long time in the powers of Spiritual Creativity and the Science of the Metaphysical Mind, but only when I actually moved away from my past and started fresh in Florida did I actually give myself a chance to wipe the slate clean of negativity and commit to the laws of metaphysics.

When I did this, everything changed. I have had amazing times of creativity and blessings—more than ever in my life. I am happier and more at peace than I have ever been. And, I can say without a doubt that my powers of creativity are peaking. Almost everything I pray for comes into being. This is an amazing feeling. However, it is not something to brag about.

I’m not special. I’m simply practicing my faith as anyone could. You could be doing this now and achieving the same things as I am.

I actually take you through my entire spiritual process— step by step—in my book: Your New Story, Your New Life, The Metaphysical Mind. When you actually read the book and follow the steps, you WILL change your life. There is no doubt in my mind. Doubt is just fear. Time you spend in fear is time you waste from focusing on that which is good and peaceful for your life and those around you.

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The Prosperity of Autumn (A “Mental Equivalent”)

One of my favorite authors of metaphysical books is Emmet Fox. He wrote a book about 80-100 years ago called “Mental Equivalents.” This book describes in detail exactly what Ernest Holmes in “The Science of Mind” means by mental equivalents in prayer.

In the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes speaks of using your mind as a sort of artist’s palate.  As you create in Spirit, you need the power of your creative mind to shape and form unused energy in what is known as the Subjective Mind. Fox suggests that you find specific thoughts that coordinate with what you decide you want in your life. These thoughts must be:

  • definable
  • bring back a positive memory
  • must use your 5 senses, and
  • create a colorful and elaborate picture in your mind of an event.

As you combat a negative thought, perhaps, the negative thought is: “I’m not good enough,”an example of using a Mental Equivalent would be:

You would say an affirmation to yourself, such as:

“I am made from the Mind of God. I am made of the best possible material in the Universe.”

As you speak these words, you might think of a time in your life when you were absolutely fabulous. You couldn’t have done better. Resurrect that thought as you say your affirmation. Hold that thought for awhile. This is the Mental Equivalent.

If you don’t have a clear thought of yourself doing something wonderful, then think of some other thing that is indisputably amazing that Spirit has created from the One Mind. Notice the perfection of a wave in the ocean. See the crest of that wave arc upwards to a white foam. An amazing surfer can be riding that wave, as you are also riding the wave of this current thought.

Generally, the idea that Ernest Holmes and Emmett Fox suggests is that the brain works better and more powerfully when we send a burst of positive energy in thought as we sow the seeds of our future in the Subjective Mind. 

To learn more about this process, you can search for the following words in my blog and also purchase my book: Your New Story, Your New Life: The Metaphysical Mind,  which describes in detail the process of creating in Spirit.

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  • Mental Equivalent
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