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Misplaced Trust or Just Blind Prejudice

Misplaced Trust or Just Blind Prejudice!

         I usually never write about politics, but this issue seems more about saving souls from themselves and a lack of faith in an entire community. It is on my mind, so I thought I’d attempt a blog about it to try and make sense of something that seems senseless.

A Tennessee Republican congressman won re-election on Tuesday overcoming revelations that he once had an affair with a patient and urged her to get an abortion, though he strongly supports anti-abortion politically.

Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a physician, beat Democratic challenger on Tuesday with a 57% lead. Dr. DesJarlais largely withdrew from public sight a month ago after this news emerged. His campaign used a heavy rotation of TV ads to link Stewart to President Barack Obama, an unpopular figure in the conservative 4th District, while Stewart simple played ads that were television news anchors reporting about the unjust acts of a Representative of Congress supporting anti-abortion.

So, we can basically say that Scott Desjarlais won because he was a Republican, not because he was a credible politician. Tapes of the allegations were aired on television. There was no question he was guilty in anyone’s mind.

Except, a conservative 4th District didn’t want to listen to anything that refuted a person who was in their party, even if it was absolutely true and was against the truths for which they voted him to office.

This, to me, was the most blatant disregard for organic soul truth I have ever seen in my life in an entire community of people. It is so blatantly ugly that it frightened me—kept me awake half the night.

In my mind, it would take bold anger against Democrats in general and a lack of communication with your heart and with God to put a check mark by a man who lies and cheats as he did.

I am honestly asking any of my readers to tell me, if they voted for him, please let me know why. (You can do it by email. I won’t out you. I promise.) I need to understand what would allow someone to do this. Maybe I’m not seeing something that you clearly see.

I think Spirit is actually helping me see a vision of why, or at least a reason. I’m seeing entire cultures like India who mistreat women because of what they believe to be true, despite, maybe, what they know in their hearts. I mean, every child had to be raised by a loving mother. And yet, the son becomes this patriarchal demigod who rules over women because of the culture.

I see that it would take much clarity and a slow moving drive of compassionate men in the community to gestate toward change. Perhaps, this is the kind of subculture in the south we are dealing with here.

When we drive 30 miles in any direction from the city of Nashville, we do get into the heartland of the state, where strong ideals and different cultures haven’t been introduced into small communities. Thank God for television’s influence on these subcultures, especially on the children of these subcultures, for we would completely dismantled as a United front if most of our countries suburbs and small towns didn’t have children growing up with the strong influence of Facebook and Twitter and television, where they can tap into the commonality of the people in the larger cities and know there are all kinds of different people they can identify with, should they choose to.

When you hear the demographics of where politics are going, in four years, so many more of these younger, socially awake thinkers, will be voting, and so many more of the older, staunch Americans who can’t let go of their age-old prejudices will be passing on. This makes the future look a lot less grim.

I’m thankful for this blog to discuss my struggles and my truths with you. I hope you can share your thoughts with me today, as well.


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         As I sit and watch the election returns, I watch the country’s many social pockets of people obeying the laws of their objective will.

What exactly is the will of a person and where did it come from?

The dictionary defines “will” as “the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action.?

Most of what we believe starts from the moment we breathe life. We can’t help but to be coerced by those who nurture us, raise us, and teach us. Many of my greatest ideals have actually come from exactly those people; some teachers, some preachers, but mostly parents. But interestingly enough, our wills are not just organically designed by positive input. They are sometimes more designed by the negative input people have on our lives.

Because my father was Republican, and I first registered as a Republican in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, I absolutely have chosen to do exactly opposite of what he believed. Why? Because my father opposed me and my homosexual lifestyle most of my life.

I see that my father died having spent most of his life angry and full of animosity about everything from religion to war to finance. Those demographics are mostly Republican ideology.

However, from the first moment I can remember of being alive, I remember a mother who was compassionate and loving, very forgiving and wanting fairness for all. I also had two teachers in high school who provided a great deal of the social and technical nurturing I needed to make for a very diverse way to see life. One teacher was a Baptist preacher’s wife, the other was a single woman who taught art. Each brought to the table many beliefs and helped me form opinions and ideologies I’d retain until now. Thank you, Yvonne and Dolores.

So, because of who I identified with as a child, I definitely have moved in the Democratic direction, mostly because of the sense that it is more about fairness and compassion, and less about finance and right-wing ideology.

Objective will drives each of us every day. However, a lack of will may cause a sense of paralysis in your work life and in your relationship life. So, fear may hurt how your life turns out if it breaks your very important self-will.

Will you break forth and leave your past and “will” your way into the future, or will you let fear take precedence of your life.

What tells the tale of any person who breaks forth from the angst and anxiety of the past is usually their Will. If you can see that there is a chance of life being better, usually you can “will” yourself at trying the better way.

I wish for you the objective will to move forward today, no matter what the circumstance.


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