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If God Be For Me & If God Before Me…

In times past, as some of you know, I have been a minister in Christian churches; pentecostal, nondenominational, Unity, and even Disciples of Christ. So, for a scripture to come to me in the middle of the night or during a meditation is not uncommon.

As I have gone further away from my Christian upbringing to atest to the fact the many religions teach the same concepts as Christianity and even go deeper into aspects that traditional Christianity strays from; meditation, creating with our words, and considering ourselves as part of the One Mind of God.

These alternative concepts in Eastern religions have kept me from reading the “Word of God” as many Christians refer to the Christian bible. I have not been of the belief that the only Word of God exists in the Christian bible for at least 25 years.

I believe that there are many places beside the Christian doctrines that God exists. However, last night in prayer, I was asking questions of myself and of Spirit about some fears I have been having of late, when I heard a very clear voice say, as it says in the book of Romans, verse 31 in the Christian bible:

“What shall we then say to these things?
If God be for you, who can be against you?”

My heart immediately settled upon this pertinent question. I have studied all aspects of this scripture from the polar opposite to the exact meaning. I don’t believe anyone quite had come close to explaining what I felt in my heart yesterday after hearing an angel whisper this in my ear. I pray I can maintain the peace that settled on my body and heart throughout the night.

As I slept, I had a dream that I was also asleep during a large explosion. I remember walking out from the war torn building and not even noticing the destruction. I didn’t feel pain, so I attempted to go on my way, which was to church, apparently.

As I walked through the parking lot from my car to the front door of the church people began to stare. One woman finally said, “Are you really going to go into the church looking like that?”

I hurried to the bathroom mirror in the church and saw that my entire head had been cracked open, even eschewed on the right side from being a mirror opposite of the left. My hair looked as if it had been teased. My face was bloodied around the mouth and cheeks.

I decided, though I didn’t feel any pain, I should still go to the emergency room. I was immediately admitted and looked after. My physical body was torn apart, bloodied, but I could still feel no pain. I heard one doctor say to another, “Maybe the patient can’t feel the pain because the nerves are detached from his body. If we put him back together he will immediately feel pain again.” So, the doctors decided to clean me, tend to my wounds, but leave my head unbalanced, the left side lower than the right.

Time had passed in the dream. I saw myself later in movies and as a spokesman on television still having this horrible deformity. However, it was as if this deformity added to the message I was to share with the public. Makeup artists preparing actors for the films didn’t cover my wounds. They let me be exactly who I had become with the wounds.

I thought about the dream for a long time, as I often do for myself and my clients, interpreting he salient parts of the dream. I believe that the subconscious and often Spirit speaks through dreams, which are unfiltered by our conscious brain.


Being in the middle of a war zone and feeling no pain, ending up walking out of an explosion without pain is a metaphor of being in the constant covering of God’s Loving Armor. Also, not even noticing the smoking and destroyed building is a metaphor for keeping my mind on my truths, not what I see on the news.

Going to church immediately after this event is a metaphor of the judgment that the church has brought to my life, perhaps as a homosexual or as an apostate who had strayed from the pure “Word of God” to find other paths of truth. (No people have hurt my heart more than the church has. I have been wounded more times than you know trying to be a minister of my Truth.) The fact that I wanted to go to church, even though I was completely war torn signifies that I may feel I have something to prove to those what had judged me.

Going to the hospital and having doctors decide to leave my body as is and just tend to the wounds, so that I could stay out of pain is also another metaphor of God’s grace. This helps me realize that it matters not what I look like. I am covered. (IF GOD BE FOR ME.. ) God can use anyone, anywhere to deliver a message of peace, joy, love and compassion, as long as the soul is willing.

The greatest message for me to reflect upon in this dream is that I was perfect fine with my face being destroyed. This accident or getting my face destroyed did not stop the work I had set out to do. In fact, it only gave me more confidence in the power within to do whatever I’m to do no matter what the outside circumstances look like.

If God be For ME…. If God goes before me>>>>

Either way you say it or think it, who or what can be against me?



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Remembering Dad: Interpreting Dreams #dreaminterpretations #yournewstory #Spirituality #dreams

Do you sometimes have dreams that bring to mind memories of the past that you just assume forget? You feel you have dealt with many losses, and yet, here they come once again, rising up from your subconscious.

Last night, I had a dream about my father who has been gone from this life for 12 years. Most times when I dream about him, we are in the home on Matilda Street, in West Mayfield, PA, where I grew up. Last night, we were on a fast train moving somewhere new. My dad, in fact, had never moved from his home from the time I was born until he died.

Dreams are curious fragments of our subconscious or in some rare instances voices from the heavens leading us in a new direction. Dreams, most times, have pertinence. This dream definitely does.

The reality of dreams, in general, is that they are entirely of your creation. Everything in the dream—in some way represents you. You are the author and creator of every character and every object in the dream. So, in interpreting dreams you can begin by what in the dream seems pertinent—the objects, the characters, the situations.

If you substitute yourself in the place of the pertinent object or character, you will possibly see a metaphor in your life.

This takes practice. I’ve been interpreting dreams for a long time. What seems so clear to me about a dream story, often has completely eluded the person coming to me for an interpretation.

For instance, in my dream about my father, the train is I. The questions I ask myself are:

  1. Where am I going so fast?
  2. Why do I feel like I’m moving in a direction that is a little out of control?
  3. Where am I going?

My father is I. What does he represent in my dream?

  1. A part of my adulthood, one that has been hiding for a long time.
  2. The father in me that is destined to lead me to my move.
  3. A father figure in general represents masculine steady and strong energy.

This dream had little, if nothing, to do with my father. Yet, if I did not understand the dynamics of dream interpretation, I may have been sad about the dream and thought that it was about rapid change, memories of the diseased, and about things I couldn’t and didn’t want to control.

None of that is true, though. So, I hold on to my divine destiny at the end of the train tracks, knowing that where I’m going is where I have directed myself and my life. I am the author and co-creator of life, as are you. Have you taken that step, yet, in your life?




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Interpreting Dreams #dreams #interpretingdreams

I had a dream last night that I received the honor to drive President Barack Obama to a conference. While doing so, I got to meet his wife and his children at the White House. In the dream, the president said that, after the eight-year term of his presidency, that his wife would move on to leave him. He didn’t seem upset about it. His children also appeared extremely happy and wanted to read my young adult novel. I remember many of their family members and American dignitaries accompanying them as they went to a fun, new restaurant, and left me behind with my car keys and the run of the house.

I awoke in a daze, as my meditations don’t usually include such detailed dreams. Generally, I wake up with a thought or an idea, almost as if the wisdom of the universe had given me a small package to open and discover. Today, as I write, I’m still not quite sure what the dream means.

Does not knowing what you see in a dream mean that you should disregard a possible message from spirit? I would hope not. A dream so memorable usually holds some kind of message. So, I usually write down a dream that makes no sense, at first. Most times, by the time I have finished writing, I see an interpretation appear before me. Other times, such as when I had the dream about a plane crashing into a building in New York, I simply put it away and wait.

Identifying factors of spiritual dreams often reflect your own ideas and thoughts and are not usually prophecy or warning signs about the future. Usually, every character of the dream is You! To interpret dreams you must, first, consider what the dream means by changing the main characters to you. I do this one character at a time.

So, for instance, in my dream about the president, I am the president and his wife and his children. If I start from the president’s point of view, I am the successful ruler of my own being. My wife or my lover has decided to leave me after a term, and I am okay with that. His children being happy could represent the offspring of my ideas or the future—which are prospering and bringing happiness to my life.

Then, surrounded by family, he celebrated. So, the dream, for me, could have just been a confirmation that I have made a good decision to move after the break-up of my relationship. I am now surrounded by family and friends and am ready to celebrate about the future.



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