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If God Be For Me & If God Before Me…

In times past, as some of you know, I have been a minister in Christian churches; pentecostal, nondenominational, Unity, and even Disciples of Christ. So, for a scripture to come to me in the middle of the night or during a meditation is not uncommon.

As I have gone further away from my Christian upbringing to atest to the fact the many religions teach the same concepts as Christianity and even go deeper into aspects that traditional Christianity strays from; meditation, creating with our words, and considering ourselves as part of the One Mind of God.

These alternative concepts in Eastern religions have kept me from reading the “Word of God” as many Christians refer to the Christian bible. I have not been of the belief that the only Word of God exists in the Christian bible for at least 25 years.

I believe that there are many places beside the Christian doctrines that God exists. However, last night in prayer, I was asking questions of myself and of Spirit about some fears I have been having of late, when I heard a very clear voice say, as it says in the book of Romans, verse 31 in the Christian bible:

“What shall we then say to these things?
If God be for you, who can be against you?”

My heart immediately settled upon this pertinent question. I have studied all aspects of this scripture from the polar opposite to the exact meaning. I don’t believe anyone quite had come close to explaining what I felt in my heart yesterday after hearing an angel whisper this in my ear. I pray I can maintain the peace that settled on my body and heart throughout the night.

As I slept, I had a dream that I was also asleep during a large explosion. I remember walking out from the war torn building and not even noticing the destruction. I didn’t feel pain, so I attempted to go on my way, which was to church, apparently.

As I walked through the parking lot from my car to the front door of the church people began to stare. One woman finally said, “Are you really going to go into the church looking like that?”

I hurried to the bathroom mirror in the church and saw that my entire head had been cracked open, even eschewed on the right side from being a mirror opposite of the left. My hair looked as if it had been teased. My face was bloodied around the mouth and cheeks.

I decided, though I didn’t feel any pain, I should still go to the emergency room. I was immediately admitted and looked after. My physical body was torn apart, bloodied, but I could still feel no pain. I heard one doctor say to another, “Maybe the patient can’t feel the pain because the nerves are detached from his body. If we put him back together he will immediately feel pain again.” So, the doctors decided to clean me, tend to my wounds, but leave my head unbalanced, the left side lower than the right.

Time had passed in the dream. I saw myself later in movies and as a spokesman on television still having this horrible deformity. However, it was as if this deformity added to the message I was to share with the public. Makeup artists preparing actors for the films didn’t cover my wounds. They let me be exactly who I had become with the wounds.

I thought about the dream for a long time, as I often do for myself and my clients, interpreting he salient parts of the dream. I believe that the subconscious and often Spirit speaks through dreams, which are unfiltered by our conscious brain.


Being in the middle of a war zone and feeling no pain, ending up walking out of an explosion without pain is a metaphor of being in the constant covering of God’s Loving Armor. Also, not even noticing the smoking and destroyed building is a metaphor for keeping my mind on my truths, not what I see on the news.

Going to church immediately after this event is a metaphor of the judgment that the church has brought to my life, perhaps as a homosexual or as an apostate who had strayed from the pure “Word of God” to find other paths of truth. (No people have hurt my heart more than the church has. I have been wounded more times than you know trying to be a minister of my Truth.) The fact that I wanted to go to church, even though I was completely war torn signifies that I may feel I have something to prove to those what had judged me.

Going to the hospital and having doctors decide to leave my body as is and just tend to the wounds, so that I could stay out of pain is also another metaphor of God’s grace. This helps me realize that it matters not what I look like. I am covered. (IF GOD BE FOR ME.. ) God can use anyone, anywhere to deliver a message of peace, joy, love and compassion, as long as the soul is willing.

The greatest message for me to reflect upon in this dream is that I was perfect fine with my face being destroyed. This accident or getting my face destroyed did not stop the work I had set out to do. In fact, it only gave me more confidence in the power within to do whatever I’m to do no matter what the outside circumstances look like.

If God be For ME…. If God goes before me>>>>

Either way you say it or think it, who or what can be against me?



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When God Changes Your Mind

Lately, I have been rethinking my life according to some dreams and insights I have from my morning meditations. I have realized that most of life is simply about following my heart, the basic instinct of the Spirit within me, and following peace to the best of my ability.

I had a dream during a meditation yesterday:

I left a home that was dirty and old, rife with old, negative friends who have betrayed me, and places that never resonated with my soul. At last, the kitchen caught on fire. I took my computer, my wallet, and backpack and began to walk away from the fire. I never looked back.

I got to the first intersection and a trucker asked me if I needed a ride. I said, “Yes.”

He told me to get on top of the truck and began to drive through a long tunnel. As he passed through the tunnel he was swerving in and out of lanes, going faster, and I simply held on. I didn’t freak out. I didn’t panic. I trusted the move forward with all of my heart.

As we exited the tunnel, it was as if I was in a new world. There were colors and shapes I had never seen in the sky. As I was staring directly into the sky, I had a primo place to experience the beauty and physical distinction between what was before the tunnel (negativity) and after the tunnel (heaven). I felt extreme peace, even though the truck made a rough landing into a country road.

I got out of the truck as the driver chatted with a few male friends. They were friendly men. I asked them where I was. They told me I was in a small town in Ohio. I could not see one home or business. Just a long dirt road ahead.

The last phase of the dream was me simply jumping off of the truck and walking down the country road—completely content and totally at peace about following my heart for the next move in my life.

This dream confirmed that whatever I’m doing, whether it’s picking up garbage, searching for work, teaching yoga, coaching clients, or painting watercolor masterpieces, I will be at peace. Peace is always my litmus test.

Spirit, in turn, will take the creative power within me to provide for my every need according to the riches of the universe. I believe this fully.

When I don’t believe it for a moment or two, I simply remember my dream or any other circumstance where I had been completely provided for.

This is a strong piece of advice:

I hope that you will begin taking more time to be quiet and meditate. You don’t have to meditate every day for an hour or so, as I do. You can start off with 15 minutes. Set an alarm or use the “Insight Timer” for meditation (an APP). Either way, what you put into growing spiritually will continually reward you as it does me.

Peace and namaste!


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Angels and Nightmares

Our first thought in our minds as we awaken each day is usually a residual feeling from a dream. If the dream was frightening, we may have a stressful day. If the dream was beautiful and felt angelic and prosperous, it may inspire us to take giant steps forward in our lives. How exactly do #dreams affect us and why?

From the Huffington Post: Some of the current scientific theories (obviously not including angelic and prophetic thoughts that come from the One Mind spiritual theory) of the purpose of dreaming suggest that dreaming is:

  • A component and form of memory processing, aiding in the consolidation of learning and short-term memory to long-term memory storage.

  • An extension of waking consciousness, reflecting the experiences of waking life.
  • means by which the mind works through difficult, complicated, unsettling thoughts, emotions, and experiences, to achieve psychological and emotional balance.
  • The brain responding to biochemical changes and electrical impulses that occur during sleep.
  • form of consciousness that unites past, present and future in processing information from the first two, and preparing for the third.
  • protective act by the brain to prepare itself to face threats, dangers and challenges.

I could write a blog on each and every one of these suggestions that posit that dreams affect our waking lives in dynamic, psychological ways. I make a habit of writing mine in a dream journal by my bed as soon as I wake up. If I’m too tired, I’ll dictate the dream into my phone and play it back the next morning.

Surprisingly, every time I have woken up from a dream that I thought was mind-blowing and tried to describe it in a voice recording, I end up laughing as I listen. My thought is, what the hell kind of drug was I on when I spoke that into my recorder? (I sound like the guy from “Broke Back Mountain” that spoke with snuff under his front lip the entire movie.)  I literally have no idea what I was talking about or why it felt so great.

Most of the time the dreams that stay with you, the ones you can’t seem to shake, are the ones that you should write down and analyze. Dreams can tell much about a person. I have made it a habit to ask life-coaching clients about their current and recurring dreams. Each time, the client and I find out amazing things about the internal workings of their own subconscious mind in play with the outworking of their current issues in life.

One theory of dream analysis is that everything—the people, the furniture, the dynamic content, and the most mundane parts—are all YOU in some way. You are expressing in each aspect of your dream because you are the create, the director, and writer of your dream.

If you really want to dissect your dream, you may analyze the dream by taking the salient features of the dream and imagine that you are each character or inanimate object. If you were a fish in the dream, what might that mean to you? If you don’t understand what the content may mean, consult a dream guide or look up on the Internet what a fish means in dreams.

Quite often I get great insight from dream totems. I especially love the Native American Indian animal totems. They usually connect with me on a very unique level, as I see many animals in my dreams and many cross my path during the day. They always seem to have a great story to tell.

For instance, yesterday I was sitting on my bed and a 3-foot Iguana was peering in my window from a tree limb. As they have a chameleon-like quality that keeps them camouflaged from predators, I had to look many times out of the window to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. I had never had an Iguana look at me through a window before, so I knew—just as I might know from a significant dream—that this animal is crossing my path to send me a message, either spiritually, sending me a warning, or has come with encouragement.

Even though most of the Huffington Post reasons are primarily psychological in nature, we do understand that Spirit is always working on our behalf, 24/7. For our dreams NOT to be part of that spiritual working would be to dismiss 40% of your spiritual lessons. For me, I consider sleep as the yogi consider the end pose in yoga (Svasana). We put away the body to connect with Spirit, the One Mind. If that is true, then all in every dream has a story to tell.



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