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According to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s website: connecting the dots between climate change, extreme weather, and health, we see that the lines are not blurred at all. The earth is saying something with record heat, drought, storms and fire. Scientists are telling us this is what global warming looks like.

Despite a growing body of scientific research connecting oil and gas activity to a dramatic spike in earthquakes across several U.S. states, some industry leaders are fighting this characterization. Harold Hamm, billionaire CEO of Oklahoma City-based Continental Resources, told a dean at the University of Oklahoma last year that he was so displeased by the university’s research on the topic that he wanted certain scientists dismissed, Bloomberg News reported.

According to NPR: “Recent droughts have been so severe for so long, and feed prices were so high, that Texas beef farmers just couldn’t do anything but sell off their cattle for slaughter, reducing their herds to accommodate the small amount of salvageable feeding pastures,” says David Anderson, a livestock economist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. The result is cows being used to reproduce instead of slaughter, causing beef prices to double, probably for the entirety of 2015, until this new crop of cows become old enough to use for consumption.

From what I can see from the above research, all of the dots are connected. Think about the last action in your life that took place. Did it start off as a thought or an aching feeling?

The entire world is moving along on either the dramatic, Twitter-crazed, social consciousness of fear and lack, or the hopeful rising spiritual consciousness of Wholeness and Oneness undergirded by the growing number of Spirit-Conscious humans, treating to change the world with the Power of Consciousness, Compassion, and Love.

Which group do you want to be a part of?

I’m hoping that my blogs and discoveries are daily encouraging you to look beyond yourself, your life, and your ego existence to find the place of calm observance. From meditation and quiet, you can rise above the doom and gloom of the moment and see how your consciousness can change the effects of life around you.

A simple: “May you be blessed!” or “What can I do to help you today?” might be all that is needed in your life—and in the world—to change the social struggle on Earth to something that CAN be dealt with your positive and compassionate energy. Remember everything that happens in this world is as a result of yours and my positive or negative use of the Subjective Energy of Divine Mind and Consciousness. (If you don’t understand these terms, check out or download one of my books to begin your own spiritual evolution, which is definitely your divine purpose here on earth. Check out my 13 books below.)

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 Wild Fires

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My Grass Is Burning: the Metaphor of Nature

My Grass Is Burning: the Metaphor of Nature

At this time of year the sun gets so hot that the grass stops growing and the rain stops raining. For that reason, the grass looks brown and dead.

I always look for the metaphor that nature and life is trying to tell me. Could it be that there is a speed up going on in Spirit that we are needing to know about? Usually, this heat spell happens in August, but this year it is happening in late June. I’m wondering what August will look like.

Are we going to experience great, lush wonder, then a severe drought? Is God trying to tell us to save from the plenty so that we’ll have some to spare for the drought?

In times when there were no books and mass media, people counted on things like prophets and signs and wonders to help them with understanding what to do. Have we become blinded to these things as times have changed?

Recently Venus passed by the sun. Many spiritual people felt that was a special sign of change. As a Life Coach, I can tell you that many people were going through some heavy changes during that time. More deaths and sickness and relationship problems than I usually see in 2 weeks happened. And I saw many more tears than I normally see, as well. But most people wouldn’t notice.

We don’t consider things like full moons any more or bio energetics. If a full moon can make a tide raise to great heights, and we are made primarily of water, what is the moon doing to our body during the full moon? Is it any wonder there are times you want to howl?

I’m just saying here, that if you are low some days and don’t know why, it could be seasonal. It could be because some planet is passing the sun. It could be because of the moon. It could be because it’s about to rain. We are becoming more and more sensitive to these things as we grow spiritually, and it is highly likely that our bodies are evolving too.

I’d love to hear your experiences today with how nature speaks to your body. For me, every time it’s going to rain, I get a head ache.


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