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Love Is the Only Non-Illusion

A Course in Miracles, transcribed by Helen Schucman, begins with the words:

“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.”

Everyone sees through the eyes of their own body. No two people see from the same perspective. Together we may look at a painting. I may see an angel. You may see a terrible person who abused you as a teenager. The only thing that separates these two opinions is our Ego, or the voice of the human body.

This voice of the ego has been trained and programmed as a computer was. We had no choice in the programmer or any choice in what attached us to all of our anxieties, loves, truths, and stresses. All of those choices were imposed upon us.

So, seeing through the eyes of our own humanness can be tricky. Are you really seeing that chair? Are you really angry with me? Do you really love me—or are we merely wound mates?

When I first read the Course, I thought it was completely unique and wonderful. After a few years of study, I realized that this was just one avenue to spiritual growth, and I was glad I had spent the time learning about it.

One thing you learn in ACIM (A Course in Miracles) is that the ego creates illusion in the world. But the only thing that isn’t an illusion is love. Of course, you would have to have a true definition of love to make sure we are all on the same page. Let’s go back to ACIM for an explanation:

“You do not know the meaning of love, and that is your handicap,” (T-12, V. 6:1)
says Jesus, the acclaimed true author of the book, which had been channeled or transcribed, not authored, according to Schucman.

So, the same text that tells us that the only thing that is real is love, also tells us that we have no earthly way of understanding God’s love—that’s how big it is!

I can actually get behind that phrase. Even when I pray and wonder about Spirit and God, I can’t define it in my own mind. If I try to, I get baffled and begin anthropomorphizing God and setting up a human paradigm for what could only be spiritual.

The best experience I have of love is when profound relationship changes me and lifts me up out of my humanness. A mother’s love—her feelings of love for a child, not necessarily her human actions—are a close example. I also have seen love from the pure, unblemished joy of a pet or the beauty in a flower. Love tends to strike me as a profound experience that always changes me for the better.

This would then include times when love had led me to hard changes, when I awoke out of vast delusion into truth. So, the experience of love can also be a difficult one.

I believe God meant intimate relationships for our biggest spiritual growth, because they tend to mirror that which can’t be spoken in human words. If you think about a person you love, you know that hardship, confusion, and some misunderstanding accompany all forms of joyous relationships, especially the intimate ones. But where would be without that close connection and the ones who absolutely know all of our deepest truths?

So, if love is not an illusion, I desire to experience Love in every way today. That’s my affirmation. To do that, I must open my heart to the indescribable, unfathomable, uncontainable, unlimited Spirit of God.

* * *
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Riparian State

The action of transformation is willingness. The action of change is openness. The action of right relationship is transparency. The action of chaos, however, is living through the eyes of the ego.

A Course in Miracles states that the ego lives in illusion or false idea (paraphrased). When we wake in the morning our mental state depends upon a strong choice. Will I live in illusion—the ego—or will I choose a spiritual course for my day?

The ego choice is simple. Just let your day unfold and believe that every thing in front of you is truth. Get caught up in your dramas. Believe that your body is you. You’ll be perfectly fine existing in your ego with no further help.

However, if you choose to live as a conduit of Spirit, you must make a choice, when you wake up in the morning. You say this quick prayer: “I realize that every thing on earth may contain chaos and suffering—but, it is an illusion. I choose to be a peacemaker in the chaos today. I start with believing that TODAY I am flowing in the energy and love of God. Though chaos may flow around me, it does not affect me or my world. I will remain at peace no matter what happens. I believe Spirit God will inspire me to my truth today and to prosperity in every way, because I am made in the image of Spirit God and flow in the energy of this Unlimited Good.”

A riparian way is the boggy wet area beside a swamp or river. When construction happens around a waterway, this particular area must be protected, because it keeps the water contained. Mostly this land is full of trees, rocks, and weeds. Perfectly designed by nature, these riparian ways protect the integrity of the wetlands.

We, too, have a protective spiritual area around our body that can help protect our integrity and growth. This area is called the chakras system. The seven chakras are the spiritual energy that radiate around the physical body. The lower three chakras function to help the physical body. The upper three chakras function to help the spirit body. And the heart chakra, the center of both groups, is the gateway for the chakra energy to flow freely from the physical to the spiritual.

Any or all of the chakras can get blocked by certain circumstances in your life.
• The 1st chakra, the root, holds the energy of your spiritual and moral beliefs and connects to your familial bonds.
• The 2nd chakra, between the naval and the crotch, usually defines the relationship between you and a partner, you and work, or you and a habit.
• The 3rd chakra is right at the naval and defines your relationship with self.
• The Center charka defines heart energy—love, hate, unforgiveness, and compassion. The 5th chakra is at the back of the tongue and defines decision-making and the ability to say what you feel.
• The 6th chakra is at the pineal gland and is where we connect from the body to Spirit.
• The 7th charka is right about the head and is usually defined as pure spirit.

(I will explain a lot more about the chakras in coming blogs, but I want to introduce the Ayurvedic principles of these energy systems to help with your movement toward spiritual freedom. Feel free to do a Google search to find out more.)

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