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Every morning, as we get ready for our day, after a shower, while we brush our teeth, we inevitably encounter a mirror. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a spiritual being living in a human body? Do you see all of your physical flaws? Do you wish you were someone else—more handsome, prettier, having less gray hair, clearer skin, or a smaller nose? Our Ego Self is not too difficult to miss! It’s everywhere present. But, perhaps, what you think is your ego, really is just your human body.

We are Spirit Beings living in a human body, but we also have an ego, which differentiates each individual from everyone else in the world. This much of the definition isn’t a bad thing at all. To be authentic and an individual means following the deepest feelings of my soul, which often makes me APPEAR different than others.

However, egocentricity would seek to take that difference and separate you even farther from others; perhaps making you the only correct one, the only one wearing the right clothes, the one doing the work project as intended, or the perfect spouse acting correctly in a relationship. When you see your actions separating you, you begin to witness the ego in action in a negative way! What do you do when you experience your ego causing separation?

The ego’s job is to create separation. You are individualized and see yourself as separate because of the ego. In the eyes of Spirit, we are all one and have always been. So, to witness the ego creating egocentricity is to simply witness a part of you doing something it is lead to do. For example: We know that when young children are first given a toy, they don’t do anything unexpected. They love it, play with it, present it to everyone who comes in the room. But, if you put another child in the room and ask that same child to share the toy, watch what happens? The initial reaction is tears. Sharing is a learned behavior. A baby is mostly ego. It doesn’t learn to be a spiritual being and have compassion and share until it becomes more conscious. Right?

So, witnessing your own ego is like watching that baby cry after you force it to share with the another child. Your own golden spirit must act like the adult in this scenario and rise up above your ego self and direct your ego to do the right thing. In other words, you have at least two, if not three, voices in your head telling you what to do: 1.) definitely your ego 2.) your highest consciousness or spiritual self; and 3.) quite possibly your physical body also has a voice operating as hunger, thirst, aches and pains, etc.

Your job as a spiritually evolved human being is to be able to distinguish which voice is operating. The best way to do this is to imagine that your spiritual voice or your highest, most evolved consciousness is the parent or leader of the pack. But, just as a three dogs put together in the same room, each voice will vie for the leadership position, until both of the others acquiesce. Usually the one with the most aggressive behavior wins out. This should not be the case with your spiritual self.

You must know that you ARE a Spirit in an ego-driven, human body. When you recognize WHO you are, there is no need to vie for a position of authority. Just like our metaphor about the parent and child with the toy, if the parent acts like a parent, the child learns the lesson. If the baby gets away with the tantrum, the ego wins!

The body, your habits, your bad temper, and your desire to have more than your neighbor all become obvious ways that the ego attempts to take control or dominate your existence. Your only choice as a spiritually evolved individual is to take back control by doing the right thing—taking the spiritual action needed to take back control, which is inherently your deepest sense of motivation.

So, when you see your ego, understand that to see something, you must be separate from it. In that moment, you are, also, realizing that the one SEEING is the SPIRIT in you. The action is merely the ego. Seeing your ego means that your Spirit has its spiritual eyes open! At this point, you do have a choice: 1.) Take control of the ego and do the right thing; or 2.) give the toy back to the crying baby and never learn your spiritual lesson.


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Flibbertigibbet is a Middle English word that usually means a flighty or whimsical person. I remember in The Sound of Music the term was used to describe the movie’s protagonist, Maria Von Trapp; especially, when she was trying to be a nun—a reclusive nun.

I used this example today because of all the times in our lives we feel we must do one thing, when our heart is leading us in a different direction. For Maria, she thought she had to be a nun, when even the Mother Superior realized, after a time, she was more suited to be a mother and wife. It took Mother Superior sending Sister Maria off to take care of ten children of a widower for Maria to understand her true calling was motherhood.

I look at my own life, especially in my career, and see the same scenario. I kept looking for what Casting Directors or Agents or Publishers would want to see from my work. I never took the time to write what was Authentically Me—until two years ago. Now I feel fulfilled and joy as I come to the computer to write every day, something that had eluded me for years.

I have many clients who were brought up in the upper social class of the south. Some were taught to feel better or more worthy than African Americans, gays, Catholics, the poor, and democrats—basically anyone who was different or had a varied religious or social belief than their own. Even when such clients would go to church, their beliefs would somehow mimic aristocracy, even when channeled through their religious ministers. In other words, if the person in this social class was doing what they were told God wanted by a minister, then that person assumed he or she was righteous.

But spirituality and religion are two very separate things. Religion would have you believe that right and wrong equals salvation; deeds equals righteousness. Growing spiritually, however, would keep you watchful and compassionate in your movement toward enlightenment, never judging those around you who have a different belief.

I pick this topic, because what we are taught from infancy, could possibly lead us to Attachment Issues in relationships of all kinds. If you don’t operate from your Authentic Self, then people who are true to themselves will see you as fake and self-righteous and avoidantly attached. In relationships, a false sense of self-righteousness might lead you to judge others with prejudice, even when you think you are on the right side of God.

Know this, though! If a person tends towards a self-righteous or prejudice belief in anything, you can be assured that you will find yourself on the opposing end of that attitude somewhere down the road in your interpersonal relationship. Dogs bark. Cats meow. And self-righteous people tend toward egocentrism, which never feels comfortable in relationship.

Our goal as spiritual neophytes is to breathe in pure, unadulterated God, without the need for understanding where we may be heading or with what information or anointing we are to share. In the appointed time, Spirit will lead us to whom and with what knowledge we are meant to use to impact our lives and others’ lives in the most positive ways.

When we come to believe that who we are is more special, because of how blessed, talented, or wealthy we are, then we tend to compartmentalize others and give advice without spiritual guidance. We are lead to believe: this is what is expected of me, so I should just do it.

A reader commented, yesterday, about my blog about evil and fear. She said that it was as if “evil isn’t a noun or an entity. It is more a negative act done by a child of God.” I truly think that was exactly what I wanted to say. Negative acts, however, could include being self-righteous, as this form of egocentricity leads to power struggles.

None of us are perfect or know everything we need to understand about life. So, to instruct anyone to believe as you do is just wrong. What spiritual teachers should be doing is helping people learn what it takes to get quiet and understand him/herself, first. If someone gets that far in his spiritual growth, then help that person begin to let God reveal Itself in the way that it is most comfortable for him or her.

In other words, if you are a flibbertigibbet, you may just need to find God in whimsy and in nature. Forgo church entirely, and listen to the crickets for advice!

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