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The New Stage of Human Development… What’s next?

From the annals of the bible, the “Book of Revelations,” and now some true channelers of the Ra group (like the wonder of Edgar Cayce), we all know that we are on the cusp of something cataclysmic. We can see it in the condition of Earth crying out from its molten core, or the washing and blowing away 0f all that seeks to abuse it, and consuming what’s left with conflagration, it seems.

We can see this same storm forming in the children, who are so much more aware and intelligent than we ever were, now crying out for social justice because the adults have either lost their fight or don’t have the courage. It’s as if the children came to this world for the prime purpose to set consciousness on fire.

We can see change in the government vs. the people—who is fighting for what’s right with consistent cries from unjust behavior and now demanding justice, truth, and transparency!

What steps are we all willing to take next to draw us to a totally new paradigm in which the lion lays with the lamb? 

Are we seeing in the world arena a shaking up of power as in “The Book of Revelations”? Do you have absolutely no idea what will come next? Or are you seeing that all that stirs and can be shaken will eventually collapse? What camp are you settling into or are you still on the fence, carefully trying to balance your life as you once knew it?

I ponder these thoughts daily. I ask my nieces and nephews how they feel when they go to school. Are they frightened? Do they feel that what they see on the news in something that they might experience? I want to know their hearts.

I was a life coach and minister for so long that asking the hard questions to anyone I know is my duty. People should not live their lives asleep or afraid or simply in a cyclical pattern similar to what you see on the television program “Westworld.” We are not robots. We are consciousness embodied in human casing that has a purpose. Finding that purpose is so important at this point of our lives.

I urge all that are reading this to take some contemplative time everyday. Don’t be afraid of the silence. Let is draw you in and lead you to your next steps in life. You will feel as I do—a newness of thought and wonder—a sensation of excitement for what will happen next; instead of fearing the next moment, the next month’s bills, and dying from diseases you probably brought upon yourself from eating what has been fed to you.

We must wake up to all that scares us. What exactly are we frightened of? If you believe in a benevolent Spirit, what could be more contraindicating then being afraid when you believe that the result of world will end in peace and will always draw us back to love. But you must be awake to see!

Being awake cannot happen unless you spend time moving past the confines of the body and move into a meditative place. These moments will clear your mind, inspire you to new truth, and also recharge your physical and mental batteries that are so depleted from all the chaos all around us each day.

If you need some help with learning to meditate, you can read my book on meditation; you can go on YouTube and listen to some of my meditations and work with them to begin to understand how to get to the place of quiet, or you can find someone like me to help you learn the process. It’s a practice. It is like taking your first yoga class. You can’t expect to put your palms to the floor when you haven’t bent over in 20 years.

You will be amazed at how even 5 minutes of silence will change your life! I think of this time as swimming underwater. The outside world silences and the universal love that awaits all of us stands waiting at the door of an underwater cave from which you emerge able to breathe new life.

Join me in a meditation if you like:


Or give me a call at 954-253-6493 and book an appointment on line or in person to open your life to this new paradigm. I can help.

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Preparing for a Different Future in a New World

Every day my spiritual friends ask me what I think of all that is happening in the world today and how it aligns with my ideas of spirituality. I can only tell you from experience that my world is consistently and constantly changing. Nothing stands still, as if we all are standing on shifting sands.

I painted this while waiting for Hurricane Irma to touch down on Florida.

Are the cataclysmic events of the earth likely to change? Or are we prepared to stand our ground when even worse attacks from the four elements of the Earth and those souls on the Earth wanting to further the demolition of it carry out their negative push?

Lately, in my meditations, I have been experiencing a silence, a real need to go deep into a place a mental peace. In this peace I experience I place that defies the chaos of the world around me. It holds me close and safe. I know where and when to move, how far to go, and when to stay still.

I will share a couple of recent experiences that have taught me about listening to the spirit within:

  1. I had a dream that I stood in the middle of a war zone. I heard a beautiful and soothing voice lead me through the war zone safely. “Stay. Move left. Find shelter!” and so on while the bullets ricocheted around me. While this happened I remained in an isolation chamber of complete peace during this chaos. My mind and body wasn’t moved by the chaos around me.
  2. I also just went through the hurricane where my husband and I were told to evacuate, yet our spirits said stay. We held on to our belief and were not surprised at all when the hurricane shifted and went up the West Coast of Florida instead of the East Coast where we live.  We only were without electricity for 14 hours while myriads of people around us were powerless for days and some weeks. (I’m not gloating. I’m simply conveying the story as it happened. I had great sorrow for the grieving around me.)
    No explanations exists for why we were meant to stay except to say that if were willing to be lights in the darkness, which is our prayer daily. We were the calm in the storm. The crystals in the chaos for many as they had no power or hot water to shower or stove to cook. We had an opportunity to see what the future might be like if the Earth continues to fight back at the inhumane treatment of animals and other sentient beings and how we treat the beautiful bounty of land and earth that produce our food.
  3. Consciousness is helping people ready themselves. If you meditate you have nothing to worry about during these harder times. All will be revealed to you in your meditation and when you need the information. I sincerely believe this. My dreams have been so clear about this consciousness shift.
  4. However, if you are not on a plane of communication, find someone to help you learn to get there. You won’t feel safe until you experience this peace beyond measure. It’s not for some of us. It’s for all of us.
  5. There is only One Mind. If that Mind has the key to life and love, those keys are meant for you to use them. You are also meant to prosper in this time of change. Those who have been waiting for their seeds to grow and trees to bear fruit are seeing times of the Harvest coming now. I feel it in my life in a huge way. All of my dreams are coming into fruition now. Even in this time of extreme and devastating world news, I wake up calm and refreshed, ready to take on whatever comes my way. The voice I hear says to me almost constantly:

  7. In other words, Spirit expects you to be in unison with One Mind, never needing to hear directions until you need them. Like your GPS. You don’t told where to go until you need to turn.
  8. Just to balance these positive lessons: 3 weeks ago I was backing out of my driveway and a car crashed into me, decimating my back end. For some strange reason, the garages (2 of them) and rental car companies (2, as well) taking care of my claim took 3 weeks to fix my car. I kept saying to David, my husband, that everything was happening exactly as it should. This is why: During those 3 weeks, because of the places we had to go to accommodate the shift in our daily routine, we met people and had truly divine coincidences that couldn’t be explained. Even though I knew I had to pay around $600 for rental cars and the deductible in a time when I should be spending money paying down debt, I kept my chin up. The greater good called me. The direction was given, even though the direction came from what seemed to be a negative experience (the wreck). Don’t be dismayed. You are on the right track.
  9. Money is just a tool right now. Where you are meant to be is the greatest gift you can receive. If you feel your peace when it’s happening, you can make the best use of the opportunities given you.




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Labor Pains on the Earth

I painted this while waiting for Hurricane Irma to touch down on Florida.

People respond to change in many ways. Some run from it. Some fight against it—tooth and nail. Some would rather cut off an arm than #change anything. However, change is consistent and constant. Those who #resist_change are in constant war with themselves and with the changing Earth.

Every day, alas every second, our bodies get older. Deciduous trees move from stage to stage, yearly budding out, their leaves growing back, those same leave change color, and eventually they fall off the tree to become mulch for the next year. So, with this change is also a circular pattern that evolves within the evolution.

If we began to look at the world from the outside in, we would notice a lot more than if we stayed captive to the chaos and frustrations of living day to day in a changing world. rife with people not so apt to cooperate with change.

We look for understanding about events such as the recent massacres in places like Las Vegas and the Pulse Night Club in Florida and find no justifiable reason for the killing. Some people blame the right for their desire to keep guns in the hands of the irresponsible. Others blame the left for not having their financial and biblical priorities straight. Others blame a God they feel isn’t helping them. Some even go as far as to blame one man or a religious group for the problems of all of the world. 

The world isn’t wailing from the depths of its being with hurricanes, tornados, and floods because it loves us. The Earth sends destruction because of how we treat it. The Earth is fighting back to cleanse itself from the violence, blood shed, and apathetic people who could care less about its toxic energy, those who throw waste in its oceans and waterways, bury garbage all over the place, and kill its beautiful animals for food, or worse yet sport.

We try to separate our own misdeeds—and have plenty of excuses for them, but we are only relegating blame to others.

Trust me, if you are doing your part spiritually and physically, you would be at peace now in the middle of the chaos!

You could be envisioning the peace of the world. You should be listening harder in your meditation as to what to do to counterbalance the stress and hate around you. You would be doing something, not nothing. As a result of taking steps forward to do what you can to help, you would have peace and happiness in your life, no matter what is happening around you. 

There has always been war and bloodshed on the Earth. Yes, we hope that we are a far better and more evolved race than 2000 years ago, but are we? Perhaps, no.

Taking action, doing your part to help yourself, first, then helping others in any way you can both psychologically, empathetically, and practically will always lead your heart to peace.

We are meant to survive together. We exist better when we help each other. This maybe what the Earth may be trying to teach us as it cleanses its oceans, rivers, and land.

Also, from the perspective of the meditative mind, you may not be able to avoid the idea that as the force of Good and Light grows, it shines a light on the negativity in the world. When light is shining into the darkness, the darkness doesn’t understand nor does it perceive it. It feels threatened and strikes back out of fear. It gets confused and lashes out at everyone and everything. Lives are lost, physical damage is done to the Earth, and many people are left in fear.

Do you think that Creator God wants us to feel afraid? We were created in the image of Creator Good. We have the power to change the world, if we so choose. If you believe their is a loving, albeit, positive Creative Force that had given us laws and truth to live by, why then do you get frightened when you see the forces of this power working to dismantle the negativity? 

Yes, many innocent people get hurt. Can change happen without a fight? I have never read about in history or experienced anything in my present life change without an internal and external battle. 

I believe the ultimate battle is taking place right now. If you do not see it, you must be blinded by everything but the present truth. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people aren’t blinded by money, government, sex, gadgets, addictions, struggles at home and in relationship, and countless other diversions.

If the metaphors and the templates of the days of old tell the story of what will happen in our present day and in the future, then even when a prophet and teacher as powerful as Jesus raises the dead, people will scoff and laugh. Even the most religious of the time mocked Jesus. Maybe this tells the story of what is happening now. The bearers of light and truth are looked at like crazy loons, having their head in the clouds and believing in alternative and new truths that take the place of old dictums and laws that never did anything but keep the powerful in control. 

Only the people who were the most authentic to the truth and listening to their hearts hear the call of the angels to gather and be strong while the persecution of the good began. They knew that a day would come when the world would change. Those same movers and shakers may be sitting next to you at work. Their spirits may have come back as your neighbor or boss. They may have lost one life for the good of all, but all of the angels in heaven are working to draw us to a time when the Earth will be cleansed of evil—totally.

In the days of Jesus, some light bearers even felt that being killed as a martyr was just, because it was for the good of all. Jesus was the first of many who died for the good of all. They knew in their hearts their spirits could never die. They would reincarnate and come back again and again until we get it right, until we have built a heaven here on this Earth. 

So, if Jesus could die to send a message, why is it not possible to believe that 59 people died yesterday to send a message to the world today? Why is it so hard to believe that those spirits will never die, but only live on into eternity?

I know the physical loss of anyone is hard to bear now. But, people move on from loss. I have lost many people in my life. In the moment it felt impossible and painful. But, as I get older, I realize this circular pattern of life and death continues. There is no stopping change. It’s the circle of life. It will simply continue, just as the Earth continues to cleanse, until we all get it right! And if we never get it right, it will probably implode. 

Be a part of those who give their lives to create change for the good of all! I want to see a heaven on the Earth. I believe the prophets of old told a story of a day that can and will exist if we listen!

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